Sidewinder Force Feedback2 Support?

A simple Game, like the racing game Wreckfest from 06.2018 supports the FFB from Sidewinder2 but FS2020 not? Strange…

Before I answer your question, I have a question for you: Do you know Google? It can quickly answer such questions with ease :smiley:

SimFFB is a small application that gives you some control over the force-feedback of joysticks like the Sidewinder FFB2, so can be used even if a game doesn’t support it.

Check the readme area a short way down the page for a description:

One more here suggesting MS to add native support to MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 on Flight Simulator 2020. A classic controller for a classic title! Thanks.

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My Sidewinder Force Feedback pauses the game when I click on the “trigger”. How can I reassign this button to avoid this behaviour?

You should be able to clear the button in the control assignments screen in the game menus.

Once in that screen, select your joystick along the top of the page and then press the trigger, it should jump down the list of assigned mapping to the pause option which is currently assigned to the trigger. At this point, click that entry with your mouse, click the “clear input” option (I can’t remember the exact name) and then click “validate” to save it.

If the above reveals nothing, perhaps you have some utility set up outside the game which has the trigger mapped to the Pause keyboard key.

Good luck!

Thanks. That worked!

Ahem: [PSA] XPForce force-feedback will be coming to FS2020!

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I love my Microsoft Sidewinder Force feedback 2

It should have a way to decrease intensity of center return for the Sidewinder Force Feedback 2. To me is the only force that matters but it is too strong. Has anyone find a way to do that?

Strange, the more common complaint, is that the forces are too weak.

Most FF software addons (ie XPforce) provides a Force Intensity slider …

If the Sidewinder FF 2 does NOT provide enough force, when set to maximum (a common complaint), there is a HEADWARE Mod that is well documented on the Internet, that has you solder some low value resistors, across existing resistors on the Circuit Board, to increase the Motor current limit, and thus increase the Force, but this typically requires the fitting of a more Powerful external Power supply, to handle that additional motor current,

But if the issue is TOO MUCH force, then find the slider to reduce it in the addon FF software,

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