Significantly longer load times after 1.34.10, often followed by CTD

This morning I was prompted to upgrade to 1.34.10 and now it’s taking around 2 hours and 10 mins to load the sim to the main menu.
I removed the community folder and deleted the last things I downloaded from the Marketplace and I updated the drivers to 536.99. I havent found a solution.

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I also can confirm that load times are longer with this build although not 2 hours for me. I’d say about 2 mins longer than previous builds with nothing in community folder (although I have marketplace content).


I’m not on the beta. I was on the standard version and this was a forced upgrade by the Xbox app.
How do I go back?

Same here. Insane loading times to get to the main menu (about 15 minutes).


For me 15-20 mins was the usual time. But now it’s over 2 hours. That literally all the time I would have to actually fly anywhere. So until I figure it out, its virtually useable. It loads ok in safe mode, so I’m guessing it’s a conflict with an add on but with almost 1300 items it will take me a couple weeks to go through.

I can confirm that with current beta load time of the sim (to home screen) is much lmuch onger than before. Before this beta it was max 5 minutes. Now it takes like 15 minutes. Please make a hotfix for this. It’s making loading slightly painful. :slight_smile:

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No issues for me.
1:10 s from the moment I click on Play in the Steam app to the main menu.

It would probably be more helpful for the developers if people would state what they have for add-ons in terms of quantity in the OneStore and Community folders.

Just stating, “it’s fast for me.” or “it takes a bit longer” really isn’t offering much insight.

If there have been changes made to the sim’s loading sequences, then understanding the quantity of add-ons and how the presence or absence of them affects load times would really help see this issue fixed, if it can be.

I can definitely see a massive difference in load times if I empty my OneStore and Community folders or if I don’t. A vanilla sim will load much faster than an add-on intensive one will.


There is nothing in my Community Folder since I removed it while troubleshooting, but there are around 1300 items in my OneStore. Loading times normally last 15-20 mins. I see people saying it takes only 5 mins for them. I have no idea how.
I’ve spent weeks troubleshooting to narrow down the culprit, but I’ve never seen consistent results.

Perhaps it would help, if just instead of the blue loading bar it also showed what file it’s currently reading, that way I could know exactly what’s causing the hang up. Though I’m beginning to think it’s a server issue.


Would be a good item for the wishlist.


I tested with an empty community folder, being a beta version.
However it takes a few seconds more with about 70 GB of addons in the community folder.
As for the onestore folder, I don’t even have it, what is it?

You must have it. This is where the default and marketplace content is stored. It should be located in the same directory your Community Folder is located.

I don’t have it, maybe because I have the Steam version…
In that location I have \Official\Steam and in that folder there are 796 items.

So with only that content, loading time is 1 minute and 10 seconds, with Community a few seconds more.

It may be in the Official Folder. Yeah its the Steam folder inside the Official folder.

Another path may be C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam

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OK, that’s it but I moved it to C:\MSFS Packages on the occasion of the first public beta to avoid the risk of reinstalling everything. This was an official recommendation from MS.
So that’s the folder, that in the Steam version is called “Steam” inside \Official and in the MS Store version is called OneStore.

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Same here, though not as long as 2 hours. For me the loading bar goes to 100% and then stays there for several minutes.


It’s probably the net effect of so many people trying to upgrade their sim to the new Beta at the same time, coupled with the already pinched resources many of us experience with Azure CDN content.

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Not sure about this. I noticed yesterday that my CPU was under high load most of the loading time. It seems to me rather like a local problem (loading/recompiling some local resources). Tried two times and in both cases it took like 15 minutes to completely load to home screen.

Btw. maketplace content should be under their control, because it is an official (certified) content. Community folder may be source of some issues. So if experiencing these long loading times with empty Community folder, in comparison with previous stable build, it mivht be enough for them (it’s the new issue in current beta release).

Moreover, if I remember correctly, there is some telemetry in veta builds that should help them to analyze reported issues in detail.

Will try later today without any Community content to see if there will be significant improvement in loading times.

Can confirm this ver 1.34.10 is alot slower loading around 2 mins 23, the public build i never got over 2 mins, my cf folder is empty as well