Sim closes with ALT+F4 without a warning

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This is not a bug. The sim closes when using ALT+F4 without a question. This is just an issue when using Nvidia overlay as this has shortcuts with ex. ALT+F3 for the filter. It is very easy to hit F4 instead of F3 and then just close the sim without a warning. Just something to be aware of…

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ALT+F4 while flying

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Almost all Windows programs close when pressing Alt+F4. This has been default behavior since Win 3.1 released in 1992

Same with Alt + Enter to toggle full screen.

Also: since this is not an SU12 specific issue nor a bug, I’ve moved this topic out of SU12 bug reports :wink:


As a software developer myself since last 30 years I am fully aware of the functionality of the ALT+F4, but there is an easy method for the developers to include a warning before closing with this shortcut. Would be a good idea imo.


Agreed. A warning before closure is always welcome.

There’s a wishlist item on this subject, opened in 2021:

(The code of conduct for the forum forbids “enticing users to vote on specific issues or wishlist items” so I can’t tell people to vote on this wishlist item if they want developer attention for this extremely annoying issue that would be trivial to fix.)


Thanks. i was not aware.

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Does it actually hurt to close the sim with Alt+F4? Do I risk damaging any files?

No, it’s just very annoying to end your simulation unexpectedly. :wink:

Technical note for those who want the hardcore computer deets:

  • when you press Alt+F4 or hit the close button, Windows sends the program a message “hey the user asked to close this window”
  • the default behavior of a program is to say “ok!” and destroy the window, at which point the program probably goes “oh I have no windows open anymore” and gracefully shuts down
  • the program can also tell windows “wait a moment I want to ask the user first” and Windows will leave it be

This is standard behavior which all good apps make use of: if you open Word, type a document, and hit Alt+F4 it will ask you if you’re sure you want to close and offer to save the file.


Unlikely while playing as once executed MSFS then runs from ram

That kind of defeats the purpose of a quick shortcut key, imo.

But there’s indeed a wishlist topic for this, so you can you can leave your vote there.


closing with ALT-F4 can cause issues with syncing to your cloud profile, so controller bindings etc can get lost.

It’s better to always close the sim with the button bottom left on the main menu screen. This way you can be sure that everything is synced to your cloud profile correctly.


oh my goodness, like someone else said… Alt F4 is a windows function from way back. Has nothing to do with MSFS. After you have hit it once or twice you will remember what Alt-F4 does. There, it is fixed for you now.


At least Windows 95

It terrifies the passengers

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Not so easy, if the date the wishlist item was raised is anything to go by.

I guess every windows user are aware of the ALT+F4 shortcut. However it seems very few knows that the developer can make a warning or question if the application is about to exit. ALT+F4 does not have to be used as an instant kill switch. There are several known software titles that does not closes without a confirmation if u try to close them with ALT+F4.

We are running a flightsimulator, and many user are using shortcuts on their keyboards. Often in dark envoirement. It is very easy to hit ALT+F4 by a mistake. The user experience by instant killing the simulator mid air is just bad.

Some would like a confirmation before closing with alt+f4, others not. But there is a very easy task for the developers to include a confirmation it if they decide to do so.

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Well, we shall see if the programmers see this as something they want to add to their ever expanding list of “To Do’s”… I suspect they will Ignore it since it is another one of those changes that some want and others do not. They may even have to have marching orders from Microsoft to make that change. Another reason they may take the easy ignore road.

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I really can’t think of any, it’s one of few key combinations protected by the OS.

I’m sure most folks know what ALT+F4 is supposed to do.
I’m surprised by some of these reactions here.


I have a Keyboard which deactivate Alt+F4 if i am playing a game. Further i can manually deactivate this Alt+F4 behaviour

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