Sim crashes at every flight launch

Hi, installation ok, loading ok, when I launch any flight, the loading screen starts then sim crashes. I tried in Admin, same pb… HALP !!!

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Are you over/clocking your computer we had this issue during ALPHA testing.

What are your PC specs and what graphics are you running at?

I had this. I fixed by re installing my nvida drivers.

Via GeForce expérience?

I9 9900ks RTX2080 ti. I have the same setup than on alpha and beta and nothing changed except thats a candidate release and I updated Nvidia drivers

No I am not

Yes. Via the experience.

Will try That and let you know

Try checking the files also. It could be something corrupted. Yesterday was very chaotic, lots of crashing on the installation process, servers overloaded etc. I know I had issues like that and took some time to fix.

So reinstalled the drivers… Same ■■■■…

Via the store ? I’m not on steam so no ideas how to Do that on the store

It’s in the apps, on windows apps or something like that. In there you can reset things and check files, I don’t remember exactly how to get there, but try “apps” in the search bar on Windows. I’m not on my pc right now, so I can’t check it.

Well nothing. I’ve even completely reinstalled and re-downloaded the version (I have premimum deluxe)… Same…

This is a long shot but I was having CTDs every time I loaded into an airport with my 2080Ti. Embarrassingly my issue was fixed by adding a second PCIE lead to my 2080Ti, until today I’d been using it with one lead with dual connectors for a whole year :man_facepalming:t2:

Nah my 2080 ti Was Working perfectly fine on the Closed beta. And its all plugged in

How much RAM do you have. On my second machine (16GB) the sim crashes at flight loading unless I specify a 10GB pagefile. Leave it to windows to manage, and it crashes every time.

I suspect there’s a few wild pointers in the code and fiddling with memory settings moves the “hit” to a less volatile location.

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32… More than enough

I’d give it a try. You never know.

I have noticed that MSFS2020 is very sensitive to any change of USB devices and ports.

I had crashes every time I flew until switched my usb devices to other ports.

Disconnect all USB devices, try only what is necessary.
Try to use UBS 2 instead of USB 3.

Check the save energy settings on the usb ports, it may be the port goes to sleep and causes a crash.