Sim Ground looks Blurry

Hey guys,

got some Issue since a few Month. Thought it might get patched, as it wasn´t that bad in the beginning but it never got better.
Whenever i get a bit higher…like a few thousand feet the ground starts to get blurry way to quickly. As if the sim loads a texture for 30k feet at 5k already. If i zoom in its get horrible even more. That cant be normal. Any ideas?
My settings are mostly High /Ultra, the PC is descend and the 300 MB/s Internet speed.
It doesnt get better on Ultra or a fresh install.

Same here. For some time now, textures from a certain height are not in the same resolution as before and look ugly.

Look at the Background…that cant be normal

Getting it ready for the Console peasants i assume …


my graphics are also like that. Been a few days since flying and ran A32NX FS2020 and the building look like building blocks…the scenery is all blurred like at 500 feet around the buildings. The mountains and fields are all just green and blurry and no definition at all…I have reset graphic numbers but still same affect. HELP

looks like textures are only partially loaded in.

Reset/Clear your manual/rolling cache files if you have any. If the sim has cached partial data, it will never download new (full detail) ones. It wills imply always grab the available data from the cache.

I’ve disabled the rolling cache entirely myself.

Nope. The XBox series X has better hardware than the majority of PC players run the sim on (and no, I’m not talking about the 1% with a 5800X / 10900K and a RTX3090).
As I posted above, it’s most likely bad quality data that has been cached and is not being refreshed.

Completly fresh install over London -.- Only Photogrammetry disabled (makes no difference)

The sim simply does not look good at high altitudes. XP orthos look miles better unfortunately, and I have yet to see them even acknowledge the issue. Perhaps this is one of the limitations of streaming scenery

The problem is, that in the end i get a data usage of approx 1-5% of my downloadspeed. So this can barely be a limitation of streaming. Much more would be possible. Either their servers slow the connections or they are using some wierd protocol that gets blocked or whtatever.

any updates on this topic? My flight near the Grand Canyons felt rather lacking compared to 1-2 months ago

This whole sim is a becoming a joke. They have failed the core community to sell this on xbox. I just did my first flight in a few weeks and I might as well go back to P3D because the visuals have been tuned down way to far and don’t even get me started on the performance issues. I’m uninstalling this nonsense and maybe I’ll check back in a year. It’s so frustrating because this had SO MUCH potential from Alpha up until a few months ago. I’m just so fed up I cant continue to care anymore

i’ve said it in mulitple post here from the beginning that with every update the flightsim has detoriating graphics with more performance demands and i got reprimanted by mods and others for nagging but in the end i’m still right.
I adressed on multiple ocassions that there was something wrong with the gpu utilization since update something back in october/november (don’t know when exactly anymore) and got striked because the result of this was arguing with mods over tos
i decided to stay away from this forum and just came back just to say to you Thank you that you think the same like me.
This sim is and has been a joke and is nothing compared to what it was when it came out (graphics and performance wise).
I was and still am absolutely fed up with how that sim is being handled. It’s a shame

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I had this issue months ago ground textures looked like default fsx ish, after a few days it was fine again up until today when I setup a flight, took off and noticed it was back i also noticed that when this happens i cant get any live weather (always sunny) even global map shows no weather…properly nothing to do with it but I also noticed marketplace was greyed out so maybe a problem their end. Hold tight they’ll sort it.

Tbh my friend… as i also see more blurry scenerys in the msfs these days, but p3d looks way worse even with payware, the streets alone… so there is still a big advantage compared to p3D which looks like a comic sim. But its also true that tastes are different so feel free to fly whatever sim you like to fly…

There is also a comparison video on youtube from a guy who compared the closed alpha msfs and the actual version… there is literally no difference when it comes to lod or scenery streaming !

this is what i get at the moment
or this when it does work