Sim hangs up at checking for updates

Hi, installed update ok, but having trouble with mods. hanging up when i lauch sim with my traffic mod, but works for my friend so not sure problem. Any idea how to fix this?

I have the same problem, after downloading 19GB it has stopped. Are you in Asia? I suspect the servers are being overloaded right now.

Stuck here too in Canada. Seems to be global.

Stuck on checking for updates and I’m in the US

Yep. It really looks like the infrastructure collapsed.
I guess we won’t play tonight :thinking:

I had a timer running and it took 6 minutes to get past the checking for updates. 12 minutes total to get to the start menu.

EDIT: And then, after 17 minutes, it crashed without any notification. Never even got the airport open.

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Mine JUST got through the checking phase…

Right before this I loaded at KPHX and the terminal buildings were half missing. Like half the physical building was there and you could see right through it. So I restarted the sim to get stuck on checking for updates. I wonder if they’re related. If not, phx is messed up.

After a few minutes mine told me my packages were out of date, it then went to the Xbox live sign in and after that went back to spinning ‘checking for updates’ which is where I am stuck again.

Same here, I think servers are down :confused:

same here - stuck (after only just getting it all updated after 7 hours)

0106AM …just moved

At very least sad for Microsoft. Down for me as well.

Got the update in time, downloading with over 150Mbit, then went to update the marketplace components (deluxe, premium, world updates) and got stuck there.

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think is the circle is stuck, not spinning. i updated hours ago, and have played, now i cant get past this. restarted pc, no change. my friend has no issue.

Good thing pilots are patient people!

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I’m in!!! wow - that took a LOOONG time!

maybe they are adding more juice, it’s working for me now, wasn’t a few minutes ago.

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I had another out of date package alert, signed in again and this time it restarted the update.

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It just restarted for me. It’s full speed.
Check again my international friends…

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I’m trying to load into KMSP…it’s hung up…i just…want…to…fly… :frowning:

understand: my issue isnt update installation, did that hours ago. I getting this message when trying to start sim, update circle freezes.

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