Sim is suddenly performing superbly

Something has changed, can’t say what but I’m flying along here with a simply stunning view and everything set to ultra/high at 1440p and butter smooth at 30 fps ( I limit it). I have even been able to turn the terrain LOD up to 200 and my cpu is at 20% , GPU about 70%

I’m very happy but also confused as the only thing I changed on my system today was to reinstall the microsoft C++ distributable as I was getting errors from another piece of software.
I doubt that has changed anything in the sim though.

The fact that ATC seems to have changed today also makes me wonder if something in the server performance has changed?


Glad for you.
ATC changed how, exactly?

I posted here earlier

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I too have had trouble free flights today with some stunning long range views of trees, e.g.

Do you think something has been fixed at the server end?


Well I’m simply stunned at the moment. If I can get this performance every time from my 3700x ,2070 super and 32GB ram I’ll be very happy.
Feels completely different today and looks fantastic, even got clouds on ultra. I’m sure something has changed :crossed_fingers:t2:

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My pics are good though right?


Yes, nice!

Now try LAX and with a 747 :yum:


I too am getting great results now for a few weeks. I can now run on Ultra 1920x1080 at 30-40 FPS (Vert Sync off) with very few stutters when it is loading scenery. My previous CTD were because my Virtual Memory setting was way too low. Now set to 16384 MB on Samsung SSD drive. The game is running on another SSD drive.

I have a modest (old) build of Z-97-A motherboard, i7 4790 3.6 GHz, 16GB Corsair ram, Asus RTX 2070 Dual pushing 3 monitors.


Well I’d probably have trouble getting that thing off the ground.
Only flying the GA planes so far. :slight_smile:

My point is that it’s suddenly changed, I’m flying in the same places with my Cessna 172 steam gauge version, and it’s smooth as silk and stutter free and I’ve turned up a lot of my settings.

Just wondering whether anyone else has had the same experience?

Yep. Me too.

i7, GTX1080, 16Gb ram, ssd.

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Oh my goodness, Although they didn’t update our files or client program on our systems, they may have actually made server side adjustments.

I get real reported wind at flight planning map in game menu before flight, when I just loaded into my glAss Cessna 172 at tacoma narrows wa, in game in bar in glass cockpit it was displaying correct wind and heading

Wind did affect take off and air raft kind of in Air. Wind seemed working correctly although it doesn’t actually make plane go up and down or twist and turn like in real world, just the pretend bumpiness in game.

Water looked better and showed correct wind and surface waves

Tree distance is back and extended farther than it did a week ago

Ground lod seems better and looks better

Clouds looked ok

Although I got stutters again flying over port of Tacoma in wa like before they were less severe which is still a client file issue they need to revert back to old setting like in older version of sim…

Takes a lot to make me semi happy and finally asobo did something server side to fix current issues

Could just be imagining it all but who knows.

Thanks asobo? Now fix the game files on our side ASAP?


But has anything as far as autopilot working correctly, atc giving correct instructions, ILS frequency working in an airliner…has any of that changed? Is anyone here concerned with more than prettier…higher FPS…??
When all those things mach the prettier/higher FPS things then I’ll be impressed.

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Well I’m sure the bugs will gradually get squashed then we will all be happy.

Just been flying out of London City airport with the OrbX addons and then around the greater London area with my terrain LOD at 200 and apart from a minor 0.5 sec stutter on lifting off the runway it was much smoother than before and with much better visuals.
Something has certainly changed for me since yesterday.

No updates on drivers or Windows as far as I can see.
Only thing I can guess at is some server side improvements.

Notice my Ram usage went up to 23GB at one point over London, never seen it much over 18GB there before even when I was experimenting with the LOD a few weeks back.


I’m at EGLC and I’ve just noticed there’s no road traffic, at least very little and I’ve got the road traffic set at 100% so there’s a few cars but very few.

Looks like Asobo are experimenting…that could just be my imagination though coupled with a bit of wishful thinking lol.

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I’ve had a trouble-free flights the past couple of days as well. Continued my around the world flight in the 787(RJTT-WSSS leg) without any hiccups other than the known issues.

They do need to fix the marketplace download speeds though, I had to download an update to an airport and it was painfully slow.


They must be simulating the recent Covid lockdown too :slight_smile:
Nobody going out as the pubs are shutting at 10pm.

Not had any issues with the marketplace downloads so far always been reasonably quick for me.


Just tried the Charles De Gaulle airport and that was a bit of a struggle at 25fps, but since I’d been turning up to a few things to Ultra and setting LOD to 200 it wasn’t too bad. Was using 24.5GB of Ram there and my GPU maxed out at 100% with all 8GB used.

Dropped my LOD back down to 100 and put clouds back to high, buildings to High and it was quite smooth at 30fps there.

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Further to my post above, there is now loads of road traffic.

It’s almost as if it takes time to ‘get going’.

Got ai air traffic on 100% and nothing taking off or landing when actually EGLC is a busy airport.

All this after I rolled the time back to midday.


Completley agree! And prior to today and even post patch i was unable to run high clouds but now i can without an fr drop and no stutter. Something has certainly happened in the back end.