Sim keeps on crashing when loading in

I have no idea what’s going on with it, sim was fine last night but right now it kept on crashing on the first loading screen before the main menu…

What am I voting on? You’ve given very little detail for anyone to come up with explanation.

Between when it was working, and when it was not, did you change anything at all? Drivers, other programs etc.

Did you install any new community mods? Just to be on the safe side, completely empty the Community folder of any, and all mods, then try launching the sim.

Have you just started using any potentially unstable overclocks? If so, remove those, and re-test.

Removing all mods from the community folder is a must when trying to solve bugs and CTDs as mods can have unwanted behaviour if 2 mods conflict with each other.

Did you try updating your drivers to the latest version? (it solved CTDs at launch for some)
Lastly, there are many methods below, the fast launch method seems to work for many as well

I have solved it myself! Happy flying everyone!

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For future reference, what did you do to solve it?

I removed almost all of the addons in the community folder

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A common culprit are liveries packs. If you want to find out which be you’d need to go t tough the process of adding them one by one until the crashes come back, and you’ve hopefully found the culprit, and can keep the rest.