Unofficial Reference Guide to CTD Solutions

Hello everyone.
This is an unofficial list of references to CTD solutions with the purpose of collecting the most helpful solutions that are scattered in the forums or are found by users, as I would hate it if such valuable information got lost.
This topic is a Work In Progress and if this topic does not work out, or becomes irrelevant, it may be removed in the future.


To keep this topic organized, I would kindly ask you to please only comment/reply to this topic with either:

  • a link to an unlisted solution.

  • a detailed solution description you found yourself, so that it may be added to this list.

  • a short post indicating which solution worked for you.

  • a post indicating that a solution is either no longer valid or may cause noteworthy risks/issues/side effects if applied.

In particular, please leave comments like: „users should not be responsible to fix CTDs“ or „Asobos developers should fix this problem immediately“ somewhere else, as such comments commonly lead to discussion and would clutter this topic with unuseful information. If you see such a comment, please do not reply and consider flagging the comment as off-topic.

If you experience issues and the solutions here do not help you, please post in other relevant existing CTD threads or if necessary create a new CTD topic, for bug reporting and assistance requests. If you find a solution, please consider replying to this thread, so others can benefit.

Finally a thank you to all contributers.


PC & Xbox solutions:
0.0 Zendesk Crashing CTDs issues
0.1 Zendesk known issues
0.2 Zendesk support recommendation (SU5)
0.3 Zendesk all troubleshooting guides

PC solutions only:
233847 Walkthrough avoiding ctds (community troubleshooting guide)


444238 CTD after update
429520 Turn off AI traffic and nameplates
130085/5311 Turn live weather off
130085/5574 Reset all keybindings
441529 Reset audio settings
442185 Add on linker
358628 Pagefile size
395789 Missing pagefile
334962 0x80000003 → pagefile or 367897 this
130085/1965 0x80000003 → driver update
390995 Almost full drive
445110 Convert exFat to NTFS
452538 Capture One
442083 .Net core framework
431889 HAGS or .Net
441592 Nvidia screen capture
348207 in-game v-sync (potential performance loss!)
388406 Community folder not empty/ liveries installed
431527 Nvidia setting and driver version or 449394 this
331911 AMD driver timeout
378830 Missing language pack
282497 vcruntime140.dll
455626 Loose pc cable or 462568 Single GPU power cable
382510 Reset BIOS/ remove OC
442117/5 Thermal throttled GPU on long flight
265544 Kill explorer.exe
428445 True MSFS clean install

CTD at initial loading screen:

361517 No CTD without internet → Reiinstall
356188 Steam Cloud Save and 386252/5 No CTD without internet → try this
412627 Only launching offline works
368435 Sound peripheral
376886 Sound devices
443062 0xc0000005 → proper MSFS reinstall

CTD at second loading screen before "Ready to Fly" can be pressed:

425295 Remove \AppData\Local\FlightSimulator folder

CTD when "Ready to Fly" is pressed, or shortly after:
CTD somewhere else:

442959 Large community folder

Noteworthy contributers:


Discord causes MSFS to crash ? What on earth is it doing ?

Given the number of simmers who use both this strikes me as very unlikely.

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I got this from Zendesk for CTD solutions:

  1. Reduced Graphics on Ultra or High
  • SOLUTION: Go to Options > General Options > Graphics > Change your Global Rendering settingsto Low > click Apply & Save. Change the graphics to Ultra or High again >click Apply & Save.
  1. Unable to interact with cockpit
  • SOLUTION: Go to Options > General Options > Accessibility > change Cockpit Interaction mode to"Legacy".
  1. CTD with FlyByWire’s A32NX free mod
  • SOLUTION: Go to your Profile > Content Manager > Search for FlyByWire’s A32NX in the searchbar. Once found, click it and press ‘Delete’ to uninstall it. It will now show up as Uninstalled in yourContent Manager.
  1. Crashing when flying with AI traffic:
  • SOLUTION: Set AI Traffic settings off by going to General > Traffic > Aircraft Traffic Type > OFF.
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I was seeing a CTD on longer flights, almost exactly the same amount of time every flight.

For me, I was able to discover that my video card was getting thermally throttled (where the video card gets so hot it starts turning down the frequency of the GPU to cool off, the GPU cannot keep up with the graphics) and it would cause a CTD.

I needed to:

  1. Open my computer
  2. Remove the heatsink from my video card
  3. Clean my heatsink, removing any dust/debris/cat hair
  4. Replace the thermal paste with some “high quality” (definition varies from person to person) thermal paste – my previous thermal paste was completely hard and dried out
  5. Put back on heatsink and close up computer

Then I was able to return to the game and no longer get thermally throttled. I haven’t had a CTD since then.


Thanks to some members here I was able to fix my CTD. My external ssd that I was running my games off of needed to be reformatted after the su5 update from exFat to NTFS. It seems something changed with the update that caused CTD with the exFat format. I copied my files to my hdd and then formatted the ssd to NTFS and copied the files back over and boom CTD is gone. I have 5 flights so far no CTD at all and running 40fps on ultra settings with everything on including live traffic, weather and multiplayer. So far no issues.

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I was getting random CTDs during loading, beginning of flight, middle of flight. Just all over the place. Downloaded OCCT and ran a few tests. PC would freeze on CPU and PSU test. MSFS was the only software that would crash. I do a lot of racing as well and not 1 title would crash. I decided to reset my bios back to default. I had a slight overclock and probably changed some other things I forgot about. Did 2 flights in VR about 5 hours total, not 1 CTD.

If you tinkered with your bios, might be a good idea to reset to default and test.

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Cockpit screens out and CTD while I was live on twitch while ago Xbox series s hopefully they fixed it soon

I’m on Xbox series s cockpit screens going out and Sim crasheding hopefully they fixed it soon

My impression is that Asobo, and any other company with similar issues, try to “blame” something other than their product.

So, you will get a response from said company to try non-product things… Like, stop overclocking, remove other software, clean your cache, reinstall your operating system, unplug your toaster, check your car oil, call your mom, and everything else to see if that fixes the issues.

Doesn’t matter that another product works just fine, and any issues appears only with said product.

This, MSFS 2020, reminds me of decades past how companies create next generation software products that push the limits of the hardware. Yes, mostly games, but yes, this drive developers to create the necessary components and consumers tend to acquire new hardware to achieve maximum results from the “game”…

Anyway, some issues could actually be the hardware because MSFS has a very high demand for hardware.