CTD without error message after CPU overclock


I wonder why CPU overclock cause my game CTD after around 40min of flight.

CPU overclock does give me more frames especially at ground.

Is there anyway to avoid CTD with overclock? I know a lot of people recommend turning off overclock for more stablility.

Surely if the game can run smoothly for 40min with overclock, I think the CTD can be avoid with some tweak.

Below are my PC spec.
CPU: Ryzen 5800x (stable when PBO2 but CTD when using clocktuner with hybrid mode 4.6Ghz all core and 4.65Ghz)
RAM: Crucial ballistix 3600c16 32GB
GPU: rtx 3080 @ 2000MHz

I’m never a fan of overclock. So I use my i9-9900K at everything stock.


Ever thought on UNDERVOLTING ?

Makes it super stable for me … keep temps and fans down … and because cores are less hot they are less frequently “switched off” and therefore work more efficiently.

I GAIN performance in benchmarks this way.

I use riva tuner and created 4 profiles … i tiink my CPU can handle 5.2 mhz

The 4 profiles are divided around

2.4 / 3.2 / 3.8 / 4.2 mhz

So again … undervolted at 4.2 … INCREASES performance in comparison to 5.2 stock

Elite dangrous 60 fps but CPU at 2.4
Fs2020 30fps at 3.2 default
Fs2020 30 fos at 3.8 with FBW

Google it

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I used to underclock my GPU when the sim first launched. Otherwise I get crashed to reboot issue. I don’t get it anymore these days on stock speeds, though.

I’m beginning to think my GPU (Gigabyte 1080Ti OC Gaming) is behind my current woes (CTD on blue bar at half way point on Greenwich start screen for last 5 days). I’ve been happily using it for months until this.
I’ve tried everything else - clean install/ repair Reset / shop/ xbox - you name it.
But it CTDs in exactly the same place and at exactly the same moment every time.
How can I check GPU is performing properly for MSFS 2020.

Could be, but it could also be a conflict in mods. I know I get CTD because I modified my AirTraffic stuff. But as long as these are good, I don’t get CTD. My GPU doesn’t give me CTD though, it crashes and reboots the entire PC when it happens.

My Community folder has been long empty during diagnosing these problems so I know it can’t be that.

No, it’s some process in the core game as it switches from the store content and starts to prepare the Main Menu Window (World Map/ Lessons/ Profile, etc.

I’m getting the C00000005 error which points to a Access Violation of some sort.

hmm… access violation huh? Maybe you’re not running it as administrator?

That’s it, yeah.
I’ve tried running as an Admin, not running as an Admin. Using the Store to Launch. All roads lead to Greenwich start screen and then stop there abruptly.

The blue bar makes it about half way and then you can see - if you have msfs windowed - the opaque grey border the blue bar is running along disappears and the window stops responding. Like something got switched off. Same point, every time. Like a light going off. Stays like that for five seconds then CTD.

I’m tearing my hair out now.

See this link, which is to the official CTD support article: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015893879-Crashing-CTDs-issues

About half way down it reads:

Been that way since day 1.

I’m talkiing CPU … not GPU

Yeah, but the concept is still the same. I run my CPU on stock speed, which is fine. But back then even when my GPU is running on stock speed, I get crash to reboot. Only when I underclock my GPU it stabilises back then. My CPU has always been stock.

I run everything on stock now, no CTD, no CTR.

First guess: Heat.

You probably already know all this but:

Do you have a Game Profile for MSFS set up in the AMD Adrenaline Software?
Do you use the Performance/Tuning/Manual settings for the Fan Control?
Do you care if the GPU fans are as loud as the airplane you are flying? Then turn the dials up.

Under fan controls is the Power Slider. Set that to Max so the GPU can access more power if it needs it. I’m lucky at the moment, the air has been freezing cold. This room is almost arctic at times.

Using the Performance/Metrics Page you can monitor the heat.
Fans Full can usually keep it around 50degrees.

I’m still learning and testing different clock and volt settings so I’m not much help there.

Did you try to just limit FPS? Since it’s more likely to be a heat issue, not having your GPU at 100% all the time may be enough to not CTD.

I tweaked my settings to produce about 35-40 fps, then capped the frames to 30 fps via nvidia settings. My GPU is now utilized around 90-95% and this keeps it really stable and stutter-free.

Also in the menu, during installing updates and during pause the GPU utilization drops to 10%, because of the frame limiter. Overall a much happier system :slight_smile:

I didn’t try to limit the FPS at the time. But no matter. I’m not getting that CTR issue anymore lately so I just leave things as is.

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I run a monitoring tool called OCCT to monitor cpu temp. Your motherboard my have an overclock optimize setting instead of manual adjusting. This is how I do it and have never had CTD since overclocked.

I thought Riva tuner is a statistic server that comes with MSI afterburner.
How can you over/under clock with Riva tuner?

Are you familiar with Clock Tuner for Ryzen?

Seems a great tool for undervolting, overclocking and stability testing
It seems to me OCing is not that simple

SORRY i meant … THROTTLESTOP :grimacing::+1:

I also had similar problem with CTD during loading the flight. I also has my i9700K CPU overclocked.
I solved the CTD problem by resetting the BIOS and now I’m just using the default settings (no OC).

Apparently I have no luck with the silicon lottery and my CPU is unstable above 4.8GHz. (I tried to tweak the core voltage, but no luck)