Radeon 5700XT Driver Timeout

Over the past week, I’ve started having “Timeout and Recovery Detection” (TDR) errors with my 5700XT while using the sim- the video freezes (sound continues) for a few seconds then a CTD. I may have one in a flying session or multiples. They happen at any time whether I’m in the air or just sitting powered off on the ramp. I originally thought it was a hardware or over heating issue, but recently my online flying buddy who also has a 5700XT has started experiencing the same thing. I’m wondering if any other folks are having the same problem. I can’t really pin it to the latest sim update, a windows update, or a Radeon update, it just kind of started out of the blue. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


I have a 5700XT and have had no problems. I only fly GA and usually under 15,000 ft. I run High only with no Ultra settings, no addons.
EDIT: running driver 20.11.3

Edit: After several days of flying with no problem, I have now received this same error. I am rolling back my driver.

just happened to me…all mods removed

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I’ve also had a few of those but haven’t seen any rhyme or reason. I was just hoping the next driver update would fix it.

Same exact issue, don’t know if it’s an AMD or Asobo bug.

Same at my end. I hadn’t had any issues since the release, no single CTD. Since USA update 1 I got CTD every time I run FS2020 no metter it is A320 or Cessna. This happen approximately after one hour of flying.

Two questions:

  1. Can we have “Vote” button on this topic?
  2. How we can report issue to Zendesk as no additional data is available (at least at my end), FS2020 silently closes. Is there any folder from where logs or any other helpful information could be collected?

I would think this is more of a Radeon issue as opposed to an Asobo issue. There’s a post on Reddit that says lowering the frequency of the card by 20 GHz fixes it and a post on the AMD forums that says the CTDs are caused by the Radeon software-

I haven’t had time to try either potential fix, but I think I’ll play around with it today.

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Interesting, I set my card profile to Standard as recommended in the linked AMD forum post, and I had a perfect flight, no stutters or CTD. This was just one flight, but I will report if things change.

Just did a second flight into Los Angeles, the game seemed to crash/driver timeout when I was switching between the external camera back to the cockpit when I was getting closer to the city. I sent a bug collection/report to AMD.

I haven’t uninstalled any of the Radeon software yet, but I’ve killed all the background processes associated with it and so far, so good. I’ll see what happens over the next few hours and report back.

I have had 2 CTD’s in the last hour with this driver timeout issue. No mods running and before the last one I killed all the Radeon tasks running in task manager and it still crashed.

Only common denominator is I have been running onair company and LNM during all my flights.


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Yup same here with a Power Colour RX 5700 XT driver timeout at least twice a day. rolled back drivers, little change, removed all addons, no change, done numerous bug reports to AMD… not one reply… I’ll never buy another AMD Graphics card, absolute useless after sales help

I followed the advice you shared and so far (only done one 1.5hr flight since) and all ok


Please let us know how it goes. Did you also back down your 5700xt’s speed?
You don’t use the On-Air Company program, do you? It had an update about the same time as the AMD crashes started…

This may help some people, been stable myself for a few weeks now not one issue.

I have a 5700XT… was getting CTD’s, totally PC shutdowns, was a nightmare.

Auto Undervolted using the AMD software and turned off Freesync on both of my monitors and I can’t get the game to crash now even if I wanted to, everything runs silky smooth… High End/Ultra Mix settings on 1440p ultrawide averaging 60FPS.

My System:

  • Ryzen 7 3700X
  • 32GB Corsair 3600mhz Ram
  • MSI B450 Carbon Max Wifi
  • MSI RX 5700XT Gaming X
  • WD Black 1TB NVME Storage
  • Thermaltake Toughpower 80+ Gold Rated 750w Power Supply
  • 34" MSI 1440p Ultrawide
  • 24" MSI 1080p Secondary monitor
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I may try the undervolting. I flew several flights last night from twenty minutes to an hour in length without an issue, then suddenly had two TDR errors within 5 minutes of each other. Interesting thing is my online flying buddy had a TDR within minutes of mine. Could there be something being pushed out of the servers that would cause it?

I started getting the “driver timed out errors” after messing with the video card settings to get the temps down a bit. After further online investigation it seems that amd wants it running hotter then I’m used to. So I reset the card to default using msi afterburner, started msfs2020 and ran it on medium settings and activated vsync to 60 fps. It ran flawless for 2 hrs so I bumped up to high-end settings leaving vsync at 60fps again 1.5 hrs no problems. Bumped up to ultra and no issues after about another 1.5 hrs of flying.

I have adjusted my case fans to run at higher speeds and added one blowing straight up on the gpu which has helped the temps, junction is now below a 100c and the gpu fan runs a little quieter as well. It seems the 5700 xt is a bit temperamental when it comes to tinkering with the settings.

PC Specs
-Ryzen 7 3800xt
-32gb Corsair vengeance ram
-Asus tuf gaming x570 mobo
-MSI 5700xt mech oc
-Crucial 1 tb nvme , boot drive and another one for just games.
-Corsair h100i cpu cooler
-lian-li lancool ii case
-Asus 27” monitor 60hz refresh (next upgrade to a faster refresh)

Hope this helps some.

I started to run FS 2020 in windowed mode. No crashes past 5 days (somewhere 10 hours) of usage.

I set my RX5700XT to default after a few CTDs following Driver Timeouts and had several days of 1 to 2 hour flights with no problems.

I then had a successful flight from JFK TO LAX and let it run parked at the gate overnight, again no problem.
About 6 hours into the day and still running at the gate it did a CTD and DRIVER TIMEOUT.

RX 5700XT 8GB GDDR6 1750 MHZ
Using latest driver: 20.12.1
AMD Ryzen 7 3700 8 Cores
ASUS Prime X570 Pro
32GB RAM 3200 MHZ
SSD 1 GB-Updated Win 10 and MSFS

1920x1080, V-Sync off, Mostly Ultra, Render Scaling 100