This *seems* to have fixed my CTD’s…

I offer this without proof other than my own experience. I’m also slightly loathe to type it as I’m sure the second I hit ‘send’ the sim will probably crash but anyway, here goes….

Add-ons linker

Afraid so. When I was using it, multiple unexplained CTD’s. I’ve moved all the stuff that was linked direct into my Community folder and just like that, no more CTD’s.


  • the game also seems to be running much smoother
  • The ‘pink’ areas I was getting signifying missing or unloaded textures, mostly on AI liveries have stopped

I don’t know why, or how, but if it helps someone else with the CTD merry-go-round then it’s worth giving it a try.

Oh, please say it isn’t so! I am totally reliant on the linker app.

I know. It’s painful.

I’ll definitely try again after WU6 and see how it goes.

Did you link all of the community addons you had, or only a few?

Assuming that you mean this Addons Linker, I use it and have not had a single CTD since SU5 HF2.

Obviously, that does not rule it out as the cause of your issues, but it does show that there is no fundamental issue that affects all users.


This sounds more like you had issues with one or more of the add-ons you were using, not with the Linker itself. The ‘pink’ parts in liveries I experience only if I add all the megapack liveries to my community, the a32nx converted ones don’t ‘pinky’ parts in my sim.


I can also attest, this has never cause me any problems personally. I did have some CTD’s with the live traffic mod on SU5, once I removed that my CTD’s have ceased. @JetWash1023 I’m wondering if it could be something linked?

I don’t think so, as everything that was linked was moved to the Community folder.

It could just have been a massive co-incidence I suppose, and for whatever reason the game has just not crashed for a couple of days.

FWIW the liveries were 2 HQ easyjet ones for the 320NX. I’ve never seen this ‘pink’ phenomenon before, even with these liveries linked prior to SU5. At distance they were pink, if I shifted the drone cam in close the livery appeared.

I’m relieved though that others have not had issues with Addon Linker.

As you were I guess. I’ll report back if the game crashes whilst I’m not using the ‘linker’.


You could do a double test, and start using it again.


I could, although I’m scared to touch it as it’s working. Just had a cracking hour long GA flight…it would suck to break it again!

Did you have your add-ons on the same drive as the community folder? Perhaps MSFS was not 100% cooperative with the drive they where linked to?

I fixed mine by disabling live traffic and stopped nahimic service (as this was the only one I have from the applist from zendesk with known applications which can cause crashes). But I have not yet enough hours in flight to be sure.

I understand your Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. But it’s a dangerous path to tread, wreathed in mysticism, and folklore. :wink:

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Yeah, it was (and remains) all on my main SSD.

I’m just going to leave it well alone for now whilst it’s working. Not long ago I couldn’t fly for more than 10 minutes before the audio cut out-in-out-in-out and it crashed.

Until WU6 comes this is my lot :smiley: