Sim now seems incapable of rendering overcast using live weather


I don’t know if it is fair, as these are fairly small airfields, and I have seen indeed some near overcast recently, however:

After more than one year since SU7 reports in this thread and in METAR keeps disrupting the weather/ bugged weather/Cumulus/CB clouds only/no medium to high cloud coverage have established that Live weather has gained (some) accuracy, but at the cost of

  • being entirely cumulus centric
  • a generic look, at first glance identifiable as a gaming environment
  • consisting mostly of one single cloud layer, perhaps added by some high “fluffs”
  • missing or not convincing high overcast
  • producing clouds with seemingly lower density than presets
  • lost variety in cloud depiction
  • no plausible storm depiction, including thunder and lightning
  • less convincing low overcast
  • less convincing convective cloudscapes
  • discernable METAR areas

If these observations are to be considered a bug is irrelevant.
They are shortcomings in a system that has proven to be more capable.

As flying happens in the atmosphere, a prerequisite for any serious flight simulator is getting atmospheric conditions right. Placing cloudpuffs at the reported altitude is simply not enough.

After SIM, WORLD and AIRCRAFT updates I think it is time to concentrate on the atmospheric simulation and improve it with a WAU (Weather and Atmosphere Update) . Throw in cirrus clouds, aerosol density, seasons and accurate snow coverage while you’re at it! (don’t get me started on the weather radar thingy…)


Thanks for the screenshots. Definitely proves the issue still exists. Sim is incapable rendering overcast with 8/8 coverage. Cheers.


Do you know why it has been moved from Bug/Weather section to the Wishlit section ?, I think it should have stayed in Bug/Weather section.

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I had pretty good overcast weather this morning in London, but it took a good minute for it to appear.

Nocloud shown at EGLC initially:

But I did just have a live traffic departure seconds after this shot was taken, so that was good to see.

Then about a minute later this appeared, with the KLM, and a newer KLC departure: