Sim rate. Something feels odd

Does the sim rate sometimes not return to the correct speed?

I use sin rate bandit to track what rate the sim is running but I still count key presses in my head also…

It has always felt like sometimes it doesn’t return to neutral.

On occasion it will feel like I’m coming in to land but it all feels a little fast.

Right now I’m sitting in an mb339…and it feels like it’s too slow.

The app says it’s sim rate 1.
My “key press count” says it should be sim rate 1.
But it’s slow…


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I have notice the same. It only happens to me when im in the A320 (Flybywire ver.) plane.
I can only go to max 4x. After a few seconds it turns in to 2x and after several minuts 1x by itself.

Bump it all the way down to 1/4 speed then up two notches, never fails.


This free mod (for pc) might be of help, as it actually displays the Simrate on your screen (and a lot of other handydandy things too): Shift+Z Stats » Microsoft Flight Simulator


I shall give that a try. I use sim rate bandit right now but it only has the single function.

Is ShiftZ-Stats pulling that data from sim using SimConnect?

The A320 FBW Dev version is current set to reset any sim rate changes. They’re supposed to disable that according to their site.

I like the punishment and don’t increase the sim rate. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
But to be fair I grew up with FSX, it crashed most of the time so you learned to go without.

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@somethingbrite I think… it’s your brain that does this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: switching sim rate and the returning to real time just before landing does not give your brain the time to switch. And I noticed in MSFS this “sim rate” also feels unnatural… aeleron and elevator controls authority is not changed along with it. So you have to switch that too… when you get back to “real time”.