Sim Skunk Works Leonardo (SIAI Marchetti) SF-260 AM

Greetings to all fans of SSW, we are pleased to announce that the development of the Leonardo (SIAI Marchetti) SF-260 AM is already well advanced, we have completed the modeling and fuselage systems, texturing is in advanced stage.
We have already started the cockpit setup, we predict, without promising that it will be released by March 2023.
We will put in this topic the updates and head up on the advance of the development.
Thank you all
SSW Staff


How will this compare, or what are the differences, between this and the Xplane version?

Is it just a straight port over or is there an enhancement or two?

I don’t think this is port of any kind, the developers are different for one. Unless the X-Plane dev teamed up with Sim Skunk for this plane. The X-Plane dev announced in 2020 that they would be bringing this to MSFS and then went under radar. Sim Skunk Works announced theirs last spring. Seems like this is a different version too (AM vs. D).

But very exited for this aircraft. (Hopefully the cockpit will be right seat compatible, not sure how Italian airforce had theirs)

This is great news! I was looking forward to the Simcoders release but i don’t think thats ever gonna happen.
Instant buy for me. Hopefully the BAF livery will be included.

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Awesome news indeed! My all-time favourite Flight Simulator aircraft of all times has been the RealAir SF-260 in its various iterations, I had and enjoyed all of them hence this from SSW will by an instant buy for me! I even did my first FS round the world trip with the FS2004 version.
Please SSW, try to reproduce the very credible spin behaviour that was Rob Young trademark since the beginnings!
If I can suggest a couple of liveries (in addition to Italian AMI of course), one would be the prototype livery and the other one the white-and-blue Aeroclub d’Italia.
Looking forward to zoom in the air piloting the famed ‘Ferrari of the sky’!


Very excited for this! I’ve had a 260 in a sim since the FS9 days and this will get a ton of use from me.

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It is one of my model airplanes, you can see it in my avatar. Wingspan 90", electrical motor 3 kW.

Oh, nice!!! This is right “up your alley” then.

Do you fly the RC’s often?

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Music to my ears! I hope we get some Scuderia themed liveries then also! I’m big into Ferrari and Italian cars in general, I own one :slight_smile: (not a Ferrari!)


Yes. I’m retired, so I fly at least twice a week.

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not a port over, developed from scratch.


Fantastic news :star_struck:

The SIAI Marchetti SF260 and the Lancair Legacy, both from RealAir Simulations, released for FS9 and updated for FSX, are, by quite a stretch, my all time favorite airplanes in any sim to date.

All the best with the ongoing developement, and if you have any screens to share, don’t hesitate :grin:


LEONARDO (Formerly SIAI MARCHETTI) SF 260 AMI version head up.

here the link to a short footage of the first test flights conducted with real weather conditions.
Model shows to be stable on a wide range of speed, with a good manouvering capability.
A series of tonneaux without any tendency to inertial coupling is another symptom of a quite good flight model.
Please note that neither the 3D model and textures are complete


Wow, looks excellent!:clap:t2:
Keep on the excellent job and thanks for the update ! :+1:t2::airplane:

Xbox Marketplace a possibility?

Thanks very much. Could you also post some interior shots for us?

I’m very glad this is coming :slight_smile:


yes it will be distributed for XBOX as well


interior is WIP


I’ve been a huge fan of this airplane ever since fs9, so glad to see it coming to MSFS!

If any plane is going to get me into creating liveries for real, this seems to be the one! Unless some kind soul – :phone: calling @pby5a JanKees?! :+1: – would like to make a few Ferrari themed ones for the Ferrari of the Skies! :heart_eyes: :angel: