Sim Update 10: Last chance to stabilize MSFS?

We heard many promises in the last months about “getting DX12 work properly”, “fixing the AI Traffic”, “use full potential of hardware” etc.
The last Sim Updates didn’t fix any of these issues therefore introduced new issues…
For me Sim Update 10 is the last chance for Asobo to make this simulation work as it should:
A close to reality Flight Simulation which doesn’t destroy the hardware by using only 1Core…

What does Sim Update 10 mean to You? Is it pathbreaking for You?


may be… because a WU is not a SU :wink:

edit: And I forgot a good already existing topic:

PS: beside of the fact, that some fixes delivered too

Where did he mention this weeks update?

He stated “The last Sim Updates” not the “last world updates”.


ah… then wrong reading from my side. Thought he mean WU10.

We have in meanwhile lots of topics about SU 10… what it may be offer, the cycles, etc. … Therefore my brain thought he refered the WU.

Another example:


I talk about the last Sim Updates not World Updates


Um, wow, hold on - I guess my customers are in danger as they use 32 bit applications on multicore systems?

No, not really:

  1. Running programs on a single core is pretty fine.
  2. Main thread runs on a single core, not the whole sim. Msfs actually is multicore but not as good balanced as it could be properly.
  3. The sim will always expand and also suffer from limitations introduced by different hardware, drivers and underlying updates - a program this complex with so many connections to other services will never run perfect for everyone.

I can only say over and over that on my system with my configuration, my drivers and on my OS SU9 is/was all stable. I did 8h long flight from cold and dark to shutdown and did VFR flights right after that.

Does that mean it will do the same for others? Hell no. :wink:


For me SU10 is clearly a milestone to decide. If they don´t fix it then they are not able to handle this. Full stop. They had 2 years to do it. For the time being I will not invest any more money on this thing till I see positive results.



I will never cease to be bemused by the bizarre ideas flight simmers have about computer hardware.


I agree with the OP to a degree… I just hope SU10 isn’t a disaster like SU5. If it goes well, this will make a lot of people happy…

but I also think we all should temper our expectations. A low to mid-range PC isn’t going to see 60fps all of a sudden regardless if DLSS or DX12 or whatever else is implemented.


…and then have them go silent for 2 months after…


I don’t want it to run on 60fps. But with a High End PC I expect 30fps without stutters on Ultra without overheating my hardware.

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everyone has a different set of wishes and complaints, some are valid and some are not
None are more important than our own, they likely try to balance out fixes and complaints so the Most people will benefit (so game breaking issues would take precedence over say fixing ai traffic etc)
and then the game is soo interconnected they fix this and the ‘fix’ will break something else

to put it bluntly, if your expecting some kind of extreme improvement on specific issues that bother you we might as well say goodbye
even if they work on these things it will probably not be as much of a benefit as you seem to expect, so you would still be disappointed


We’re in year 2 of a supposedly 10 year life cycle. While I’m excited for DLSS support and other features and fixes, I’m not expecting SU10 to suddenly fix every issue that I and others have in the sim.

I’ll continue watching the dev Q&A’s and reading the development updates so I know more about it as it approaches. SU10 is going to bring new issues to the sim on top of fixing old ones, it’s not going to be perfect day 1 and I think anyone expecting that is setting themselves up for disappointment.

Also, if your hardware is overheating, that’s not an issue with the simulator, that’s an issue with your hardware. Reapply thermal paste to both your GPU and CPU and give everything a deep clean.


Yes it can see 60fps. We had far better performance at the end of 2021, for instance. Now is poor even when flying at high altitudes. On the other hand DX12 will allow two things: modern GPU cards to work to their best and optimize HW usage. It reduces CPU calls and also allows devs to better control how HW is used. Any games where I have test my system with DX12 produce much better performance and smoothness.

But I´m also scared about how this is implemented. DX12 beta is not giving significant improvements now so I don´t now what we will see in game (I know it´s still beta, yes). But for a game like this one, with such heavy environments and graphics, is the real way to go. It should have been implemented since day 1 indeed as DX11 is becoming obsolete, but well.


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Plz be reminded that the Sims stability can only be guaranteed with official content. 3rd party plugins or even planes have potential to crash the sim.

Also are we being too hard in Asobo here? How long did much less complex sims like p3d and Xplane to take to stabilize? I vote many years. I don’t think ctd or stutters will ever 100% go away but they can gradually minimize them.

Not to mention there was one update where the sim became butter smooth, then everyone complained about pop-in and low LOD. there’s a limited resource budget and trade offs, need to be made. At least until next gen hardware comes or we get proper DLSS (or both)


The problem is here it seems one step forward, 2 steps back. And the one step forward is only ever half finished and then left until forgotten. We’d see far fewer complaints if things felt like progressing, even if only at snails pace. What people dislike it getting new bugs and issues.


Could you please refer when they stated that fixing AI Traffic in SU10? I don’t remember anything regarding to that in SU10, would love to if you could give me a reference.

That’s actually demonstrably untrue. I had since SU9 CTDs every time I started the sim two times, it only started on the 3rd run, for some strange reason. After this WU, those CTDs are gone. Come to think of it, I haven’t had any other CTDs after the WU10 either.

Cant remember the specific simupdate but prior to xbox release, my hardware was being utilised example london looked absolutely stunning whilst consuming 18 to 20GB vram all on ultra with maxed out LOD gast foward to now, london looks a mess and takes ages to render in and only when on top of it, and my gpu never goes about 8gb usage

Limited the hardware ability to fall in line with xbox specs

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If your hardware overheats, that’s on you, not the software. Your cooling solution should be able to handle whatever is thrown at it, if it can’t, you have a problem, not theirs.