SU10 now coming in August

Well when they say that they were pushing back the SU10 they were not kidding. 3 months without a sim update is a great thing but terrible for those suffering performance issues. Let’s hope they jam pack the update with loads on performance fixes and better handling alongside with a thorough testing and flighting with the community to ensure the update is as smooth as possible. What do you guys think? I personally would love to see 3-6 months to maybe biannually sim updates for more features packed into the updates and better testing.


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Cascade effects. Any developer waiting on SU10-12 just saw their deployment window pushed potentially into 2023. “Be careful of what you wish for…”


Can we just get no new content and emphasize more on the game itself? I have been waiting forever for DLSS and DX12, LOL.


You realise the devs that work on performance & general SU things have an entirely different skillset to the ones creating new WU & aircraft content!? Not only that, much of the content updates are outsourced to third parties.


Good. That way they won’t be rushed to deploy an update that’s half…well half…

Well, that gives me a good two months of decent flying before I have to start making all the tweask/adjustments/file deletions/modifications/corrections/etc. to get it running smoothly again.


As long as Asobo takes in and acts on the feedback relating to critical bugs and regresssions provided during the supposedly longer beta process and this results in a more stable and regression free release, then sure.


An extra month to wait for WASM :frowning:


I recall it was mentioned about the two different teams. World update always creates issues for sim update to patch up :slight_smile:

funny - folks wanted them to take their time and get these updates right - also lots of chirping about fixing MSFS before creating more content. This is what that looks like I guess.
Let’s hope the extry time helps them and us both


I’m quite happy they pushed it out. I don’t get to play much and every time there’s an update I spend lots of time updating my add-ons and all that. Hopefully it will improve the quality of the updates as well.


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Extending the Open Beta time really doesn’t buy a lot. Folks who join the betas aren’t even testing the release notes, they’re there for the latest and greatest. Not all developers have the time or effort to test against that build, and will just fix whatever post-code push info Production. Shrug.


If you have more time between updates, it will only mean you have to wait longer to get a fix for the things broken by the previous update


When the community expresses the wish for less focus on content and more focus on bug fixing/stability, it’s not really about which teams do what. It’s about allocated resources (aka money). Different teams will always be used for different areas of development, the real decision is how much money is allocated to specific areas of focus. It’s clear many think more resources should be put towards improving the core sim than have been. Whether that would result in any resources being pulled from other areas, and what those areas would be, we’ll never know the answer to.


And many of those that did want to actually BETA test, have lost confidence in the process as implemented, resulting in exactly what you stated.


As of 5 minutes ago, my game was playing fine, so as it stands, I don’t mind if they left it alone for many months.

Unfortunately, as we know, the situation can change daily, AND, there are many more who are having serious issues.

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Yeah, but the problem is and has been, that when new content is added (WU’s, Reno, TG, etc.), it brings with it something that breaks something else. They sneak in other stuff with the WU’s that never appear in release notes.

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On the flip side, I’m sure many developers will also appreciate a less frequent SU schedule. Less time spent on having to rework add-ons due to an update breaking something and more time testing add-ons during the extended beta period. It’s better in the long run.

The earlier they release the beta, the earlier the code will get into a frozen state which prevents significant changes or new features. If the target is late August, release the beta a week or two after WU10.

I would rather have them hot fix the critical items that are showstoppers for the sim, and everything else that can wait should be put in the SU. Like I said for me I would rather they have a biannual SU that is jam packed with lots of fixes and features all while making sure it is stable.