Sim Update 4

Hopefully the 787 is fixed somewhat!

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He said expect, not hope for in vain

Agreed. However in the meantime just try disabling AI traffic. Worked for me 100%

Even IF from a certain point of view I would be the first to say “you are right there have been no steps forward in a year , but many behind from various aspects”, many other steps forward have been made , and in any case the community that follows the project is solid , passionate people who create mods and fixes etc.

Although I consider myself a “detractor” of certain asobo practices (from updates from a technical point of view, to bugs and inconsistency on certain aspects of the “simulation” especially for airliners\comunication in general etc.), it would be really difficult for me to admit "that there is no hope "
I believe that a future exists and that it can be fantastic and that depends on asobo for only 40%, they don’t even have to make much effort , just a solid base given to others "to build "and continue for the next years . Which is exactly what happens for any other game \ simulator of this type, I could hardly mention any of my friends who play a p3d or xplane without any addon of a certain level or other , and I include myself.

So by repeating myself …anyone who participates here has the game, paid for it and no one will ever refund it, nice \ ugly \ buggy or not, you might as well follow its development thoroughly until the end right? And discover firsthand what the future holds , Complaining when there is something to complain about and complimenting when everything is fine or some things get better.
As for me, I found my “balance” by suspending or not fs2020 based on bug patches etc. and alternating it with another sim\games\arcade\flightPlaneSoftware™ i own.
( and I am still convinced it should have been advertised as early access, so many issues would have been avoided :sweat_smile: for everyone . Certain marketing departments should think very hard before getting caught up in any enthusiasm :smirk:)

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Simupdate 4 Top Bugs:

Personally I hope for up and down draft improvements and some sort of thermals. :slight_smile:
But Asobo doesn’t say in which direction the sim updates go, they didn’t do this in the past if I’m not mistaken? (besides the Top Bugs/Wishes list)


Excessive icing off option is nice. I hope it comes with a realistic icing on option, though.


It would be nice if they optimised it better. I’m currently getting the same performance with 1440p compared to 1080p. The CPU is not being fully utilised and never exceeds 50%.

Maybe you should look at your computer. I never have these CTDs.

I just want the CTD issues fixed. A 3rd party developer noted that it seems to be random on who it affects. Some of his team couldn’t even fly their own aircraft, while other members of the team had no issues. Everyone affected, regardless of what system they have, seem to have the same stuff listed in the crash log, so it doesn’t appear to be on the users end.

Otherwise, I’m pretty content with how the sim is. I’d like to see some quality of life improvements, such as the logbook not popping up, autosave, replay, etc. I’d be just as happy if mods fixed these things too, tho.


I’m going to past part of my response from another thread, some of which will be repeating what I wrote in my comment above, and is slightly out of context since it was part of a much longer comment:

I want the logbook to not pop up at the end of a flight.

I want the world map to be a satellite image when you zoom in, so I can know what parking spot I’m choosing.

I want an autosave feature. I’ve been suffering with CTDs since the last update, and an autosave would relieve most of that frustration. I’ve not had trouble with performance at any point since release, but stability has been an issue for me since WU4.

I want animated doors on the default aircraft. (This was achieved with a mod for the TBM. Not sure why it hasn’t
(or can’t) be done on others.)

That’s pretty much all I want. Working Title resolved most of my desires with the Garmins. I’m completely satisfied otherwise.

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I just want the CTD issues fixed, a bonus would be longer tree lod distance.


Well, it’s morning in France on the 25th??? Is the May 25th release date on Asobo time? Microsoft time?

Of COURSE this update is due hours after my three day weekend ends. :wink:

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Around 5PM FRENCH hour. (C’est ce que j’ai constaté constaté tant que français habituellement).

Oh, well. That’s going to be around the time I get to work tomorrow morning here in BC, Canada.

I’ll have time for it NEXT weekend. Adulting is so annoying.


Let the variety of OCD’s commence !!

Although seriously, here might be some of the things better (or even worse!) with the impending SIM UPDATE 4 gathered from the bugs feedback page -

[ Live Weather and Wind Readings Not Accurate] | Sim Update 4,5,6

[Turboprop Engine Logic Issues] | Sim Update 4,5,6

[ATC Incorrect Phraseology] | Sim Update 4

[Tree Density] | Sim Update 4,6

[Garmin G1000/G3000 & AP Related Issues] | Sim Update 4,5,6

[Excessive Icing Effect ] | Sim Update 4

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I’d be happier if the random CTD’s were given top priority

Oh but they are, sometime in March they changed the state of CTDs to “ASAP”. Of course it’s been months since then, 250+ more votes in the forum’s main discussion and we still haven’t seen a single improvement over that area but that’s irrelevant because more eye candy is on the way. Who cares about CTDs when we can watch gorgeous clouds in Youtube?

My crashes were due to the 530 mod triggering an issue in the sim. Disable airspace messages, and no more crashes. Hopefully this gets addressed in SU4.

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Maybe we will at long long last see the infamous and promised particle effects integrated beyond that of the single and basic contrail effect added to the user’s aircraft that we were given a while back. I would like to see engine smoke, dust, tyre smoke, water effects etc.


What is the UTC time for the update rollout?

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