Sim Update 5 performance before and after

Hey simmers

One day before sim update 5 hits. Last day you can measure the performance of MSFS 2020 before the update and compare it the same after you’ve installed the update on PC of course.

Please share your FPS or other relevant metrics before and after here.
I am unfortunately traveling and not coming back until Saturday. Would love to hear from you.



what key Shift and what other key For {FPS IN MSFS] I set mine in FSX as Shift F.


I generally fly in the SoCal area and play maxed out aside from resolution scale at 100 on a 1440p monitor and usually net ~40 FPS with an i9-10900KF / RTX 3070 / 32 GB RAM @ 3200 / SSD. I’m thinking I might get around 10 more FPS in San Diego and Los Angeles and 15 to 20 in others.

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If I understand the process correctly, it has started on the other side of the international date line. Hopefully some of those folks can report in and tell us how it’s going. I am going to stay up after midnight tonight (USA East Coast) and see if it starts but not holding my breath.

I am visiting San Diego now from SF Bay Area. I also like to fly from and to here in MSFS. I like that I can see all the planes landing from my hotel room tracking them with the Flightradar24 app👍🏽

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Funny idea to sit in your hotel room and see every passenger plane approach in MSFS too, but it could be a little confusing. There is a time lag of 2-15 minutes between life traffic aircraft in MSFS and an aircraft actually arriving at the airport when you look at the real time flight data in FlightRadar24. MSFS should actually connect to FlightRadar24 - and be as fast as 5-10 sec like FlightRadar24 can do - but it is not. Check out below submit and various others in that topic,

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This is a tough one, all day ive been flying with no PG and getting 41 fps, turned on PG for vegas dropped to 23-25 but the bldgs were the best Ive ever seen PG look…so hard to tell. Maybe 82 no PG and 50 with PG. lol

Will this be a PC update or just a release for XBOX? I haven’t seen anything on a July 27 PC Update.

I hope all goes good for all of us pc owners we certainly need the performance increase


You can go to and search for the shift+z addon. The only way to get frames from the sim itself is in developer mode.

If you have an Nvidia card, hit Alt+z to bring up the GeForce Experience overlay. There is a frame counter there as part of the HUD function. If you don’t have that program, it’s a free download from Nvidia.


If your running steam you can turn on fps counter in steam overlay, and place in at any corner you want as well.


Is anyone else scared?? The last two “updates” caused me problems. First CTD’s I never had previously and then, the latest update, I lost all my joystick mappings and had to reprogram. Please, ASOBO, get this one right (even though tomorrow’s still won’t address some major features that were supposed to work from day one…but that’s ANOTHER topic!)
Holding my breath…


I misspoke there. It’s FlightAware that delays it. I don’t think MS/Asobo delay it.

I ran a few informal benchmarks a couple of nights ago using some of the landing challenges - one with the 152 for something basic, then the one in Toronto in the TBM for something a bit more challenging, rendering wise.

I’m REALLY curious to see what kind of improvement I get though - I fly in VR on the Valve Index, with a 3080, a stock 9600K, and 32 gigs ram. I was just flying around Cape Town in the Carenado Waco, and FPSVR claimed my GPU was a 99% with about a 30-35ms frametime and my CPU was only at 50% or so and getting about 18ms frametime. Had FPS locked to 30 and it was mostly staying there with some dips into the high 20’s. I find it a bit hard to believe I was GPU limited with the 3080 and only using half of my CPU. Not sure how accurate the monitoring is - maybe I should be using the MSFS dev mode?

I am quite surprise your 9600k is only being used 50%.I remember when having an i5 8400 although its slower than the 9600k has the same amount of cores and threads cpu would often be close to maxed out in cpu bound situations.
Did you use task manager. I find it not to be accurate at times.

No, fpsVR. Not sure how accurate it is for CPU/GPU usage. Mostly use it to monitor frametimes and FPS.

We all know the details are going to be dropped by 50% you can clearly see this on the video where they show the “new fps” Remember the first week the game came out how nice and crisp and beautiful it was. Then the next update we were all like ■■■ did you do to the game to make it so ugly now hahhah Be prepared my friends…be very prepared


What is PG?

Pretty sure they just off-loaded a bunch of processes onto the GPU.


I don’t think the guy knows what he is saying or what Asobo has truly done.

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