Sim Update 5 performance before and after

Thanks that worked on Windows 11 here in the UK. Restarting and opening the sim triggered the update dialog. It actually updates in the Xbox app now 620 MB.

Well, he can show simming in a Beechcraft anyway :wink:

Which CPU?

My game is crashing all the time when i want to do de update please help.

Yeah Game keeps crashing here too. It says the Servers are down. (likely, lol) but it still annoys me. I just want the update man… (Germany)

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You can join into:

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He didn’t say, but his 3090 is spitting frames all around:


release notes just read: “Downloading”

Eagerly jump on here first thing after waking up (well, after coffee, coffee is ALWAYS first). Hope to see people stating their fps improvements. None of that, but plenty of crashing.

Same as it ever was… :frowning:

I’ll try and get this update going so I can give it a fly on my lunch break.

LoL every three messages I have to relog into the forum to read the posts,a bit of a xbox overload no doubt

This will take 20 hrs to download.

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Update takes like forever. For a while I was getting chunks of data at up to 300 MBit/s for a few seconds and then nothing for up to a minute. Now it is chunks of data at up to 200 KBit/s.
13% done within an hour of downloading.

This is painful.

This is normal for a system that is moving multiple files. 40GB of multiple files takes longer than a 40GB single package. It’s networking 101.

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So sad, GPU during Update near 100% Why ? I will Need about 5h.

limit your GPU to 30fps in Nvidia control panel

My GPU is sat at 31C

I cant even get to the download stage, game crashes every time and if i get to “checking for updates” it has a connection error saying “online services are unreachable”, only ever done this today when the update came out. can anyone help?

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yes, wait a while or use a VPN to download from a different server, it is very obviously overloaded.

i will try use a VPN, thank you for replying

Well I wouldn’t call one hour for 4 GB of download “normal” in any way for a 1 GBit internet connection. I would also not call it normal to drive the GPU to 99% of usage while just displaying a single progress bar.


Not doing that to my GPU… maybe it’s dust?