Sim Update 5: VR Draw Distance

VR draw distance has taken a huge hit after the update. See the picture below all the skyscrapers are missing while flying right by Midway airport. You can’t even see downtown Chicago unless you’re literally on top of it! This was not the case pre-update as the draw distance on LOD 100 was excellent.


Do you have Photogrammetry On?
What are your other settings?
Have you waited to see what it’s like when there isn’t a massive server load from the Update/Xbox Launch?..I’ll answer that one for you it’s a No!

I think a little patience is required, see what happens when things settle down in a day or two and if it’s still the same then - by all means - have at it with Asobo! As it’ll be pointless coding in performance optimisations if it means we lose a vast majority of the scenery, I’m gonna wait it out before I go all Mob Handed.

This is part of the new recoding they did for SU5. Draw distance/LOD is now drawn when you pan the camera vs it being loaded fully at the beginning. You will see pop-in and pop-out of objects now, unfortunately. Just go to your external camera view, zoom in and out, and you’ll see it a lot.

Hopefully they’ll take a lot of our feedback and continue to improve this OR at the very least, let those of us with high end rigs, increase LOD and draw distance.

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Photogrammetry on… why would anyone ever turn that off? Mostly medium settings in VR. From all the beta-reports I’m gathering, this is not a server issue, but a new coding issue.

People do!
ok well feel free to provide more evidence then, one picture doesn’t tell the whole story. If it really is that bad then more evidence is required, thanks

I have 1,400 hours played in the sim, and know exactly what I’m talking about since I’ve seen a lot. The lack of draw distance is instantaneously noticeable after the update. Further evidence should be easy to gather if you’d like.


Please do then :slight_smile: I’m still downloading…!

I’ll leave that up to you

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Hey can you quit gatekeeping and trying to dictate the user’s observations?
@CalmEspresso see’s what he or she sees and has therefore posted said observation and I’ll take the user’s 1400 hours of experience and word for said issue. No need for any patience at this point. The update is here and this is the experience and a legit issue.


You should roughly get the equivalent of pre SU5 LOD 100 (Terrain and/or Object) in setting these to 200 now in SU5. This is only for the draw distance.

I’d also recommend at least TLOD 200 for ground textures when flying higher up (mandatory if flying above 20,000ft).

This won’t change lazy loading of objects though (when turning the head).


Alright keep your pants on

Thanks for the info, I changed my setting to 200 on Terrain and Object and now the render distance is looking perfect again, also, I have not seen any significant loss on performance by doing that.


This info I keep reading about it only loading when you turn your head sounds like it’s going to truly suck för anybody using head tracking or VR

Basically looking around is part of flying. I’m looking around me all the time. If it’s not rendering scenery properly (and fast) how in god’s name am i going to locate and keep the marginal grass and dirt rural strips in sight? Some of them are hard enough to distinguish from the surrounding Bush as it is without worrying that the scenery hasn’t fully loaded each time I look out over my left wing to spot the airstrip.

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I am with you brother, well said!

It would be better if we did not invalidate others all the time with patronizing replies and maybe ban the phrase be patient as I find it so patronizing to others that have legitimate issues.

I have a friend that died of cancer that was a fellow simmer for 25 before he got to to see MSFS actually be delivered and I know he disliked those words as some you can’t just assume people are just impatient, they just don’t have the time to wait.

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Hello there our faithful captain. I am desperatelly digging through latests posts to find your input on the SU5 :smiley: Would you be so kind to tell me your personal experiences with this update and if you have found any tweaks that have influence on performance. Did you personally change anything specific? I have mixed feelings regarding the update. I found that using reprojection now makes the experience far worse than pre-update in terms of artifacts and visuals, but amazingly the game is incredibly fluid without reprojection now to the point where i wouldn’t even consider using reprojection anymore. Best regards, M

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I took off from Laguardia and Couldn’t see manhattan, clear skies, VR, 10900k + 3090 haha


It will take a little bit more time for me to post my new findings, I’ve mixed and randomly changing results since the SU5 release.


Thank you. I’ve tried the usual parameters but i couldn’t find anything that makes a significant difference. Except that HAGS ON still causes a massive fps drop in my case. Good luck and i hope to hear your findings soon.

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I’m not seeing this head-turn phenomenon in VR at all (haven’t flown in 2d yet). My experience is better fps, smoothness, clarity than ever. Oddly, draw distance seems to vary by locale. Around Denver, for example, there is very little tree pop-in even out past double-digit miles. It looks very much like reality (I live here so know it quite well). In the LA basin, tree pop-in was more noticeable but not so much as before the update. This may have something to do w relative object density, cache, or some combo thereof. Or some difference inadvertently hard-coded into the scenery. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m seeing the trees and bushes in Africa pop out and into existence as they pass the frame of my windshield (xcub, bush flying in Kenya)

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