Sim Update 7 Live Weather regression - a broken mess

I wonder if there’s server and localisation issues because live weather has been fantastic for me. Its been very accurate here in Scotland and there’s been a wider variety of cloud formations than I’ve ever seen in the sim to date. I was flying this afternoon thinking this is what live weather should have looked like from the start. It looked great.

The pixilated clouds issue is my real bug bare. That seems to plague my experience more than anything.

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I’ve messaged again today, sadly no reply. I will keep trying, but my days off work are so limited at the moment, the days I do have off I just want to be able to load up a sim and fly. I’ll most likely be back in XP for the time being, despite it not having the same wow factor I know MSFS is so capable of.

I’m not saying there’s no issues still with the weather and it doesn’t need further tweaking, I suspect it will be continuously over the course of the sims lifetime but how anyone can say there’s been a degradation with the weather is beyond me. It looks so beautiful now and cloud variety is way more than before the update. I just picked a few random locations around the US to fly the Hornet and cross referenced it with the local forecast and it does seem very accurate.

These screenshots around LA and SOCAL do seem to be depicting exactly whats forecast at the moment for that area. To my eye they look accurate and beautiful. Its such an improvement over what it was like before.

You only need to read the several threads under this section of the forum to see why, many of us are experiencing really inaccurate and bugged conditions which do not match what we should see at all. Your screenshots look nice, probably the nicest I’ve seen since SU7

Let me give you a couple of examples of my experience:

As you can see in the METARs conditions meant to be overcast


Thats why I think its a bug that can get fixed rather than a degradation in the actual way the sim now draws live weather. I remember when the sim came out last there was no end of issues with live weather not loading properly. They got it sorted though.

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Your weather in those screenshots, while it may look pretty, actually is most likely bugged. Those clouds are coming out of the ground, clearly showing the MSL/AGL issue being talked about.


The clouds I’ve encountered are a mixed bag some look great others are blobs hugging the landscape, they look weird. The misty haziness I have no problem with, it’s nice and looks realistic.

Here’s some of those weird blob like clouds coming into land at Zurich this afternoon-

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It may well be a bug, but as usual their lack of communication with the user base leads us to just guess and make our own interpretation sadly.

Yep I remember, I was one of the group of us that worked tirelessly to track down the bug, document and report it to eventually get it solved back when their was the issue of weather being loaded 12 hours in advance.


Maybe you should all have kept quiet -
New Features
We are also pleased to introduce several highly requested features by the community: an updated weather system, early access to DX12, and a dev mode replay system (more info below)

They’re not coming out of the ground at all. I flew under them. They may well be over done and in real life there’s currently nothing that dramatic over LA but as a work in progress the new weather is clearly capable of more than it was.

I don’t think it’s fair to blame the user base here, many of us love what they have done with Meteoblue and how dynamic and ‘alive’ the weather is, or was pre-SU7. And it was already blending certain METAR data anyway, such as ground winds, pressures and temps. The next logical step to increase accuracy for things such as Visibility and RVR values (A highly sought after request and a vital part of IFR flying) was to further blend this data from the metar.

The fact Asobo seem to have made a mess of this shouldn’t be deflected by blaming users for requesting a feature.


Don’t take it literally. I was saying it tongue well and truly in cheek. I do find it a bit amusing that most of the latest complaints are about features that MS/Asobo have implemented after listening to the community though.

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Maybe it’s hard to see for me, but it looked like the clouds in the first screenshot (right side) and third screenshot (far left) were very low or coming out of the ground.

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It’s a degradation because of this.

Fog pop up problem - YouTube.

How anyone can say that is not a degradation is beyond me.


Because thats a bug, which I believe Asobo have acknowledged and will obviously try and fix. Degradation implies the weather is now being rendered uniformly objectively worse by the sim.



OK, where have they said this a bug, would be interested to read it?

I think during this weeks Q+A they mentioned there was an issue with the way new METAR weather blends in. Its pretty obvious there’s an issue there which they’ll fix. It won’t be left like that.

Also the clouds in your photos compared to those of @BragRaindrop933 are way way better. You are lucky to get those, my experience is that they are more along the latter lines and don’t look good at all.

The Q&A before the update came out?

There’s definitely technical issues which aren’t consistent. Obviously I’ve just been lucky (so far)

I think so yeah. There was a few things covered and I’m sure they mentioned the way METAR blends in. I’m not 100% certain but I think there was.