Sim Update killed my FPS

The solution in my case a combo of following:

  1. Fix my Alienware Area 51 laptop with latest Alienware update.
  2. Running Windows 10 Maintenance routine
  3. Staying away from some Central American airports,

I am now back at 30 FPS with an occasional “stutter” when entering busy airports like KLAX.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.

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Same here FPS dropped by 10 to 20 FPS.
My spec -old but gold for me-
Intel i74790K @ 4 GHZ
MONITOR 29 INCH 2560 X 1080

FPS is better than its been in previous updates for my i9-9900k, RTX 3080 machine. Most settings on ULTRA 4k HDR

I don’t monitor or count fps, but it now is constantly pausing (especially in LA area) with that silly spinning timer, every few seconds. Unflyable!
Flaps now create severe up-serges in Cessna’s when deployed. And now some micro-stutters are back.
Did you all notice the new spikes where trees should have been?

i7-10700, RTX 3080, 32g

That doesn’t sound to me like a problem with the game itself, but more like a problem with either your internet connection or with Asobo’s servers. If it’s a server thing, I expect they will get it under control.

Also it might be caused by some problem running in the background that’s limiting your download speed, like anti virus, a browser or any other internet-heavy application

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I don’t think it’s any of those, cause when I go out of Live Weather to Clear, it totally improves. It’s also happening in heavy scenery urban areas, as I approach. Never did this before Tuesdays update.

There is nothing ridiculous about it. Refresh/reset is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Would you drive a new car 200,000+ miles with zero maintenance then blame the manufacture when it breaks down? Better yet would you blame the GPS software in your car and its developer?
I would not be surprised if many users would answer yes considering all the “blame the developers for everything” attitude I’ve see around this forum.

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Being a fanboy doesn’t get us very far. People’s issues have been well documented, even after reinstalls. There’s obviously set-ups that are affected less (including my own), but the issues are there for many.

A quick reminder for all participating users to stay on-topic.

Please do not attack others and avoid CoC violations.

Thank you.

Can you be anymore demeaning? Although there are many people that have “well documented” issues, the fact is that there are as many different issue causes as there are issues. Common sense would also dictate that if the majority are NOT having problems then a baseline MUST be set that helps determine why some are.

The fact that some of us are actually interested in helping disrespectful members get past their problems and enjoy the sim the way we do does not make us “fanboys”, it makes us community members that are willing to offer help.

It is posts such as yours that make new users shy away or become convinced they bought a pig in a poke, when a “fanboy” could have had them flying in minutes. @anon62478633 makes a valid point and it is unfortunate that we have as many users that have become this bitter.

@davidamills While I would seldom advocate a complete system tear down unless you have experience setting up a computer from scratch, it may be a starting point.


I used to fly MSFS back in the early 80’s on my Commodore Amiga with less FPS than that! 8)

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I don’t know if this will help any of you but it seemed like it improved it much better for me. Nvidia panel was updated a couple of days ago from the MS store I forgot to adjust the settings within the panel after it was updated. Flew the sim after SU4 and had awful approaches anywhere I flew, absolute stutter fest. I had adjusted the settings in the nvidia control panel yesterday but didn’t reboot the PC.

This morning I turned on my PC from shutdown state and sure enough the sim is a lot smoother. My approach at KLAX from KMIA with mod 787 was much smoother, still microstutters since you know it’s LA but flyable like it was prior to the sim update. So make sure your settings in the nvidia control panel are adjusted accordingly.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll check mine (after I’ve reinstalled Windows and the simulator, of course).

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No problem hopefully that’s all it is for you guys. Why did you have to reinstall windows?

My guess is that was nothing more than another sarcastic insult in response to advice given by a user earlier.

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Ah lol you’re probably right. I’ve just been reading quite few people actually reinstalling windows for multiple reasons so I was curious.

What settings do I need to change in NVIDIA control?

Depends on your card. For my 2080 super I change

Power management to prefer maximum performance

Low latency mode to ultra

Threaded optimization to on

Everything else is set to default

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I’m curious about Threaded Optimization == Ultra.

Given that the game tends to be CPU heavy on the main thread, and assuming that frame allocation is happening there as well (I don’t know, just assuming), wouldn’t that reduce performance? Can you share insight into why you have that set that way? Thank you!

No problem. This is following one of the suggestions I saw a while ago either on these forums or YouTube, I forgot whom or where. However, it’s running fairly smooth with everything on (live AI traffic, ground traffic, vehicles, boats, etc.) high and ultra settings and flying the airliners to complex scenery such as KLAX, LVFR’s KMIA etc.

So I figured to keep low latency on Ultra. When I forgot to reset my settings in the updated nvidia control panel after the sim update it was on default and the sim was a stutter fest on approaches and certain altitudes. When I set it to Ultra and restarting my PC sim was smooth again.