Sim Update killed my FPS

After the Update, my FPS has dropped to 3 to 6, making the sim unplayable.

Anyone else?


Well not that low but i did lose about 10 to 15 fps.

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to begin with, how can you possibly play at 6fps?


Please post your specs. That’s quite low! Mine was very low over LA today.

Same, perfectly fine on initial load dropping to single figures over time, some have suggested a memory leak is the issue, are you seeing very high ram usage?

reinstall windows


I’m also experiencing a very dramatic drop in FPS. The sim is unplayable now. I’m extremely discouraged. Previously, I was averaging about 28-30 FPS. Now I’m getting about 10.


I can’t… thats my point

Would you enjoy the game if it runs at 3-6fps? but If he was getting around 40-50fps and now lost 3-6fps from that I get your point.

When we had that issue of airspaces causing problems, I managed to take off at <1fps. It took a while but it was doable. :slight_smile:

Also noticed an FPS hit after update

The update cost me about 5 fps overall. Still playable, but the lows when we get into busy areas are also 5fps less and nearing single digits. Now there’s a bunch of regular routes I used to fly that I can’t fly any more. At least not enjoyably.

I am still waiting to reinstall but I wonder what is killing the frame rates that worked in the past. Seems odd

Every update since WU3 has chipped away at my frame rate, requiring me to go in and reduce visual settings in order to try to regain lost perfomrance. In some cases that’s helped, but I’m becoming more and more CPU limited, so graphics adjustments aren’t really making any tangible difference most times.

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Well hopefully it will get better soon, I know one day it will. I had problems flying IFR and performance. So still waiting

Thats something fundamentally wrong. I suggest to set your system up from scratch. As so many are happy with the update, it’s a big chance that are somethings off on your system. :blue_heart:

Someone said yesterday that Asobo mentioned they would be moving Glass Cockpit Refresh off the main thread with DX12. I think that has a lot of promise for recovering these lost frames. I also lost about 5 frames on the update.

Indeed they did. Like I always say when people start raving that DX12 will make the sim run faster, it’s not a magic bullet. It does allow, however, much better thread management as well as allow much more efficient use of visual effects. Glass cockpits are currently a large frame eater, particularly in the more complex airliners. Moving that off the main thread will be a nice performance increase, I’m sure. If other stuff is properly optimized to fully utilize what DX12 can do, it can indeed improve performance. It’s not like people struggling to hit 20 fps now will magically be running 60+ like some seem to think, but it should be a tangible improvement if done right.

And Jorg did say we’d be pleasantly surprised by the DX12 optimizations. So we’ll just have to wait and see. It can’t come soon enough IMHO.


I did not see any hits to my FPS, in fact I believe that I have a slight improvement. I used to get a stuttering 15ish FPS near large airports such as KLAX or EGLL, but am now seeing frame rates in the 20’s. Away from large airports, I’m seeing a consistent 30 FPS which did not change

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We won’t see them until DX12 and XBOX versions are launched. All these performance optimizations are being specifically done for XBOX. Increased performance we’ll see on PC is a side effect of that rather than being the actual primary goal. Until the XBOX version launches, and probably for several months after that as they fix stuff, don’t expect to see any improvements, new features or fixes for stuff that’s exclusively available on PC.