Sim Update V ( Bug Megathread

Thunderstorms are back again on clear days. Is anyone having this issue?

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They were never gone though. So I guess you were lucky for a while :smiley:


I was having some CTD’s, but after installing latest MS updates, they have been resolved.

I feel ya there. Before the update I had resolved a performance issue with my product then the update happened and I actually felt depressed because of all the work I had to do to get it right.

I am currently frozen in time until Asobo fix the issue with the loading of scenery in that screen loading to infinity, this was even building a simple package using in sim project editor then loading it back up… It doesn’t even load that and gpu is at 100%.

Something is critically and seriously fugged up.

My payware is on hold until this is sorted.

I have investigated and it seems it has something to do with how the biomes, species, xmls are managed during load.

I’ll be logging yet another ticket.

ISA goes through the roof +60?!

Next to the b button to fix altitude not working,something seems off with the starting of engines.Yesterday I wanted to start the engine with crtl+e on the boeing ,going for frequent flyer miles achievement on steam ,& it only was able to start engine 1 and 2 using the key combo. The message to start engine kept popping for 3& 4.I fixed it manually by searching for a tutorial how to start the other 2

I also had it on the jet plane Cessna Citation CJ4 before,but was able to start it manually without tutorial in that one.

787: AT button on throttle dont work anymore since SU5, was fine before.
VFR: VFR flight planning is completely messed up. AP fly not on track, ILS is not working.
VFR/IFR: Destination airport got no sign anymore. Any Airport around is signed but not the destination airport
CTD: Less than before but still random crashes at longer flights.
Volumetric lights: Erased


If I move camera view up & down in 3rd person view ,there is cloud flickering at times. of the edges of the clouds Blinking clouds after patch 5
The “blinking cloud after patch” is nearest I could find,but they aren’t really blinking,its just the outline of clouds having a little drag effect on it.Only moving camera up & down the outlines have this distortion/delay spread/delay flicker on them.Its not like the whole clouds flicker.

its hard to capture though in a screenshot but here its slightly visible at the edges of cloud
My setup:
ntel(R) Core™ i7-9700 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz
Ram 16,0 GB (15,8 GB available)
Nvidea Geforce RTX 2060
1920x1080 Ghz screen

Just completed the flight for the steam achievement “frequent Flyer miles”
But didn’t get the achievement after the session had ended
" Fly from LFBD airport near Asobo Studio to KSEA airport near Microsoft HQ."
I did let auto pilot handle most of the flight as I wanted to go for the "look ma,no hands " “Utilize autopilot for a total of 600 miles.” in one go.didn’t get either.

Also letting the plane land on auto pilot is not a good idea;Often the plane lands next to the runway & with the boeing it didn’t do the flaps ,nor the landing wheels during the whole descend.
So I had to reload the save just before the landing,but it appeared like all the IFR progress was wiped & the plane started to ascend to 240ft again ,stating that I had to do 3000+Nm distance,while I clearly was next to the Seattle airport,ready to descend for my destination.
I had the feeling the IFR plan & the pins on the map didn’t match with the instructions I was getting either.

Here you can clearly see how the ifr marks say a certain altitude,while ATC instructs to do something completely different.Even though I’m near my destination & should indeed be ready to land as the marks suggest.
Apparently I haven’t been the only one who hasn’t received the “frequent flyer miles” achievement after completing it;

Once you get above 25,000 the ground textures become horrible blurry and like something from FSX days. Not good never had it this bad before it’s like they just don’t want to load in. The LOD really needs looking at

I figured out why the A320 won’t climb at full power, it’s a heat wave at 32K ft

Please expedite your climb…

Approach is a mess as usual

Got to nose dive to keep up with ATC :slight_smile:


OK after settling down after this update and patch I decided to look into the basic problem by creating a flight from CYYC Calgary to CYVR Vancouver.
Empty community folder. Here was my system, Task Manager, Little Navimap and Action screen capture.

  1. Internet download from Microsoft between 400Kbps to 600Kbps max. Used to get 3Mbps to 7Mbps in rural areas? 7Mbps to 54Mbps in dense areas. Server problem with Microsoft causing problems for sure. I am on a 400Mbps internet service.
  2. The result are the following screen shots on route.

We are flying over mountains 10,000 feet if you were flying VFR you would not see the roads to follow only if you were right over it?

  1. At times when I received 600Kbps the scenery improves. Guess less traffic on the Servers. Here are some of those screen shots.

    But these screen shots are very rare.
  2. Graphics downgrade or calling for PC users. Here are a couple of pictures showing the result.
    Approach to Vancouver you can’t see anything in the distance even 2 miles from runway difficult to line up for landing if it was not for the lights. You will also notice the scenery close to the aircraft is better further away it is not usable.

    Can you see the airport?

    One mile from airport the visuals are OK but lots of popping in the scenery.
  3. Difference in heading inside and outside of aircraft?
    Desktop 2021-08-01 11-49-03 AM-694

Final thought: The PC version is just not usable as it is now. I have questions as to how other items effect this flight simulator? People are re-installing even re-installing windows this should not be necessary?

The effects of other add-ons is a nightmare. The communication from Microsoft as to solutions is vague.
Uninstall A320 do not use WT app also CJ4 also CRJ does not work. I could go on but I believe this is enough information to take action to satisfy PC users.

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I now rely solely on little navmap to line up with the runway. By the time you can see it, it’s too late to make any meaningful corrections. It’s fine, since lining up a plane on a gps map works no matter what the weather is…

The servers are probably also under heavier load due to the aggressive culling. People compensate with higher terrain detail (max or above max in usercfg.opt) yet every time you change camera angle it has to download that view direction again. Perhaps the rolling cache helps now (Turned it off long ago since it made my performance worse)

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I’m not so will pass on this upvote…

If the inability of the 320 & the Boeing to climb at full power is linked to heat,it might mean that this bug topic hasn’t been resolved after all Wrong temperatures or maybe its because there are heat waves irl ,that they are in game with live settings. I guess it could be realistic in that case? :smiley:
I’ve have had situations too where I need to ask for directions to airport because I can’t see while im near

@NineMile1 nr 5 “different heading inside & outside aircrafts” might also be the reason why autopilot fails to line up with the runway& often lands next to it,
if the plane even lowers flaps & wheels at all while landing on auto pilot,which my boeing in the picture of my former post didn’t do at all.

For ref, I am not having this problem and am locked at 30fps with 200 LOD running on a five year old i5 4690k, Gtx1060 6gb, 32GB RAM system… Since SU5+hotfix it is super smooth with no pop-ins but then I am running without any mods unless they have been cleared for SU5.

Hi All, I have to finally speak up about the Issues for everyone. Here is the problem that is causing everything for everyone. MS/ASOBO have limited RAM and VIDEO Memory in the PC Version to Match the XBOX! It is hard coded to 6.8GB Available RAM and 6.5GB Video RAM to use and no more. Does not matter how much ram you have 16gb 32gb… or Video 8Gb 11GB. You will not be allowed to use it on a software level of the Sim.
I see people increasing LOD to 4, 8 and more but it all has to squeeze in to 6.8GB of RAM and just means more is swapped in and out on the fly. Then take addons they have to now fit in to the 6.8GB Memory footprint as well. So this is causing more and more popping and pressure on the system. If you do not believe me run FPS in DEveloper mode and I defy anyone to get passed 7GB Memory and RAM its impossible. So load up large addons and increase your detail and textures and more swapping goes on and pressure on the system. Its the good old Memory Bottleneck in the software due to it been limited. Also why can we not see the graphic graph in delveloper mode? because it is FULL RED HARDLINING 100% all the time at maxxed out. So all they need to do is un stop the RAM and Video Limit they have applied to the coding. Please check on your system if you are unsure or dont believe about this.


At the Welcome Screen:

Yeh, it’s really sad we have to do this though. I know from the window seat on as real airliner I get a decent view of the runway from a long way out if I’m on the correct side, in this game from the cockpit making a visual approach from more than a few miles out is impossible because you can’t make out the airport.

I’ve also had some great views of airports from cruise altitude 37,000+ in real life for those making strange comments that blurry high altitude scenery reflects real life. No, it doesn’t.


I would like to see what @MrTonySM gets on his system.

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Must be really depressing for those that bought a RTX-3090?

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