Sim update VI Beta installation help

then dont install it. It is a beta test - stick to the rules.

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Another day another very strange decision from Microsoft/Asobo!


where can i see the patchnotes after install and start? at 90mb/s i cant read fast enough -.-

Can someone report the issue in this context where the planes + game tags disappear in front of you when they aren´t too far away. This bug just kills multiplayer and flying with your friends. You hardly ever see your friends in the sim due to this bug.

It is a very, very bad idea to make bug reporting as difficult and inconvenient as possible. IMHO Feedback Hub is a dead-born and absolutely non-usable service.

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Is the improved night lighting part of this update? The patch notes don’t have it listed.

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Yes I believe so. I’ll see why it’s not in the patch notes.


So I can install 20.5 on the laptop that I did the insider hub registration.

But when I re-install on my desktop I get 19.9.

I unenroled my laptop from the insider hub and now it seems there is no record at all of me being registered to the beta.

Its obvious that the beta registration is tied to a specific machine. I guess Ill try the next beta.

Well so far the release notes look very promising :smiley:

Release notes look good. However, during the last Dev Q&A, it was mentioned that the overall blurriness in VR would be improved. Is that going to be part of Sim Update 6? I do not see it listed on the patch notes.

It is very much tied to a specific device. I reinstalled MSFS on both my desktop and laptop. My laptop got 20.5 and my desktop got 19.9.

What about xbox insider hub app?

Launch xbox insider hub app on desktop.
Click previews and click msfs.

MSFS is not listed as a preview on my desktop. Only on my laptop where I did the registration.

So click msfs and join.

Click MSFS where?

you are not registred with the correct account then. You have to log in with the account you registred for the beta.

Since we’re reporting problems/bugs via Feedback Hub, are you going to want “positive” feedback (i.e. validation that issues identified in the release notes are actually fixed, as we’ve done previously) via the Feedback hub also, or will it just be by exception, i.e. if you don’t see any bug reports on release note items, they’re ok?

I just double checked and I am logged into XBox Insider with the same account.