Simaddon CYHZ scenery causes CTD

Ever since the MSFS update in Feb. my simaddons CYHZ MS and NSSA MS airports CDT. I have removed the folders from the community folder and every thing works fine, reinstall and i get CDT the supplier has sent new updates and still get CDTs, could there be hidden files causing this problem?
Has anyone else have this problem, or know how to fix this?
Thank you,

Have you checked with Ralph at the Simaddons support forum?

I have been in touch with Ralph about this and we are both stumped. I am reaching out to the community for help.

Hi, that makes two of us with similar problems. I checked with Ralph and tried just about everything as outlined in his support forum. It appears to be only CYHZ that gives me a CTD. It appears to go back to update # 2 and we were hoping #3 would solve the problem. That did not help. He has updates in his support site which installed. Again no luck. He has a sizeable number of CYHZ customers who have no problems so the question is what do you and I have in our systems that might be the problem.

Anyone find solutions? I’m tempted to try a few of the Simaddons Canadian airports, but I haven’t heard of them before and I’m mystified by that. Best kept secret in Canadian flight simming? Or low quality, high prices add ons?

And with SU5, all bets are off. Who knows what’s going to work now until it’s tested.

And, am I confused or is there really no CYYZ from any paid developer at all? Existing or planned? So odd.

I have been using simaddons scenery for years, I love the detail of the airports CCQ3 Debert is my favourite, that is where I took my flight training. I would recommend them I have all of their scenery, sorry no CYYZ.