Simbrief and restricted airspaces?

If I plan a flight with the sim instead of Simbrief or similar, will the flight plan pay attention to restricted (or similar) airspaces?


What do you mean by “Restricted Airspaces”, and how would you expect it to “pay attention” to them?

There are the standard airspaces (in the US A, B, C, D, E, F, G airspace designations, military airways, etc.), and then, again in the US, TFR’s or Temporary Flight Restrictions from NOTAMs. I’m not familiar with European or Canadian or any other country’s flight rules.

Technically, it’s the pilots job to avoid restricted airspace. EFB’s won’t normally route you around them.

No - it doesn’t.

If you’re flying IFR (therefore using airways) these are separated from restricted airspace (except of course those associated with airfields). Of course most airways are technically restricted airspace!

If you’re flying VFR, then as noted above - it’s your job to plan a route with consideration for restricted airspace, danger areas, temporary restrictions etc. Of course, a proper sectional chart is required to do this. The MSFS world map is very far from a proper sectional… :neutral_face:

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It wont restrict you in any way.

IRL if you upload your IFR flight route it will be validated by a dispatcher, this may include crossing different aispace classes and its a bit transparent for you as a pilot. If is approved you are ok (controllers may change it during your flight if something exceptional occurs).

If you fly VFR you need to avoid all prohibited areas, its your responsability and you could be finned or suspended if you cross them. If you need to transit a restricted airspace you need to request a permission before entering, if you are allowed you will need to comply with all instructions. Note that in some countries you will need a special rating like IMC, IRR or IR to enter a controlled areas under normal circunstances.

And for your reference, I leave you with this table that helps you to understand what could you do, specially in VFR as I explained.


Would be cool if entering a restricted area without permisson would cause a reaction in the sim. Like ATC informing you that you entered a restricted area (and giving you a number to call ;p )


Yes that would be cool because that would be step closer to more realism

Or an F-16 being launched to chase you? :wink:
Oh, is that what that plane was flitting around me :slight_smile:

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SkyVector gives you great information with regard to TFRs. If you hover over the area it will tell you why it is restricted, and the altitudes to be avoided. It’s pretty cool!

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In Europe there isn’t a human being checking those flight plans, the IFPS server checks and approves flightplans. If you screw it up or the server doesn’t understand, they’ll be send to an actual human being :joy:.

You can actually send your proposed flight plan to a ■■■■■ server first which doesn’t file the FPL but instead checks it and instead returns error messages.

Apparently the word “d u m m y server” is not allowed :sweat_smile:.

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