SimBrief flightplans change when selecting cold & dark start at a gate

Hi everyone,

I have started using SimBrief to plan my flights. It works great and I have the SimBrief downloader that saves them in the correct filepath. I then start the sim, load the saved flightplan on the world map page and everything is good.

However, the sim will change the flightplan on it’s own if I select a gate to start at. The sim will create its own plan instead, essentially rendering the SimBrief plan useless.

Is there a way around this? Thanks for any help.

Don’t select your gate at the airport itself (in the map). Select it in the drop down at the top. Then everything stays as before.


Ahh, thanks. I’ll give that a shot.

Thanks. That worked!

Yes but if you select a star, the entire flightplan changes completely!

Yeah, and now, after the latest update, even selecting the gate from the dropdown menu is changing the entire flight plan. The update was supposed to fix this issue, but it only made worse. Great job, Microsoft.


This is very frustrating issue. It’s fixable, but you must manually edit the pln file creted by simbrief with a text editor.

Add the following right below line starting with DepartureName. Edit as necessary to match airport.

    <DeparturePosition>GATE B 8 PARKING NONE</DeparturePosition>

Then delete the following two lines from the first ATC waypoint.


Then load the plan.

If there’s an easier way, please share.

Maybe Navigraph/Simbrief can fix this on their end somehow.


I tested this functionality right away after the update as it was really the most important part of SU7 for me and it worked flawlessly. I started up cold and dark on the ramp and the flight plan loaded up just as it should have including the cruise altitude selected by simbrief. No changes were made.

I am glad it worked for you, but I am not being so lucky. The changes to the flight plan are now not as grotesque as before, but MSFS is still changing waypoints to the loaded simbrief flight plan after changing departure to gate. It doesn’t matter if it’s clicking on the map or on the drop down menu – now it’s changing it on both situations. At least before it worked using the dropdown menu. Now, it will change waypoints with that option too. At least, that’s been my experience since the latest update. As @CaliMFox said, it’s a very frustrating issue. I’ll try out the tip. Thanks, by the way @CaliMFox.

I found CaliMFox’s method to work, though it took me a few tries to get FS2020 to ingest the flight plan properly. The image following is how I did it: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Big thanks to @KrisCheetah for the picture! I was having trouble figuring out myself, so thanks for sharing the image. It is very helpful.

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You’re right, it only worked for me once out of the box. Now the flight planner redraws my simbrief plans. I take back everything nice I said about the flight planner!

I have to admit, it worked better before the latest update. They made it kinda worse.

So the problem seems to be related to SID transitions. The MSFS flight planner has no way to change the transition and it seems to randomly select a transition that might not match up with what Simbrief chose.

Another solution if you don’t want to manually edit the files is to first export the plan to MSFS, then choose your departure gate and see what MSFS chooses for your SID/Transition. Then go back to SimBrief and change the SimBrief route to match what MSFS picked. Then create the plan again from SimBrief and load it back into MSFS. You’ll now be able to choose a gate and it won’t mess things up.

Hopefully this gets fixed as it shouldn’t be this difficult.

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Yes, this problem is worse than before. Please fix it.

This works great, thank you for posting.

Here’s another fix for this for people using FBW A320. Go to the FlyPad settings and set Sync MSFS Fligtht Plan to Save. Just load your A320 at the departure gate and don’t load any plan into MSFS flight planner.

Then set up your flight in the FMC like you normally would, including SIDs and STARs and approaches. FBW will then sync your FMC flight plan to the MSFS flight plan. Call up ATC Clearance Delivery and they will have your plan ready to go.


I will try this out. I ran into this issue today. Many thanks for the suggestion.

Just to be clear, in the World Map do I choose the departure airport and gate and leave everything else at default value, load up the FBW A32NX and then the flyPad will provide the flight plan to the sim (ATC) by way of sync?

this is so frustrating and also hilarious that Asobo claimed to fix it in an update but actually made it work. who’s testing this stuff for them?

However the easiest way around it I’ve found is by using LittleNavMap as it has a visual view of the airport with all its parking spots so you can just pick one out and it’ll add it to your flight plan (which you can import from simbrief.)

This solution no longer works unfortunately.