SimConnect and GPS Event IDs

Thank you very much, I really appreciate :+1:t2:

Just in case you are a Spad.Next user and are unaware - c0nnex has also created a WASM module that has all the same EventID’s/LVAR’s as MobiFlight. Just change to the Alpha channel and it will update. Then extract from the zip file and place in the Community folder (same process as MobiFlight). I have no doubt that he will automate this at some stage but that is the current process.

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Do you have a link ?

Very interesting :+1:t2:

Yeah, very interesting. I need to look this up.

If you have Spad.Next then go into Settings - Application Settings - Expert and change the Update Channel to Alpha. Then restart Spad.Next and it will update. You do need a current subscription though!

If you don’t have Spad.Next you can get it Here.

If you don’t have Spad.Next then I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is my No.1 Add On

Ok i have spadnext…
So, what will this add ? I mean, compare to mobiflight ?
Samething ?..

Is there any documentation of this spad wasm?

It is the same as MobiFlight’s WASM module (I assume they both have the same limitations in that the SimConnect SDK is not complete) except it comes with Spad.Next, so you don’t need to use yet another program. As both programs seem to do essentially the same thing and you’ve already got Spad.Next then it makes sense (to me) to stay with the one program, that’s all. Nothing extra - just convenience.

Ok thank you

TBH I haven’t looked. I just go in and Add an Event to a button/switch/etc and use either the Search or Browse as you can see in the attached Image.

I should probably add that there are LVAR’s exposed for the FBW A320 as well when the A320 is loaded

Where is that zip file with the wasm module ?..can’t find it

No way…I wonder how much functionality I can get out of my mcp-pro and efis with this…gonna try it tonight…great find

What zip? I updated Spad with beta update but i couldn’t find any files for the community folder.Thanks

In the Spad.Next installation folder (NOT in Documents). In my case C:\SPAD.neXt\GamePlugins. I think it defaults to C:\Program Files (x86)\SPAD.neXt\GamePlugins. Look for and unzip that (if you have in that folder IGNORE it). In the extracted zip folder copy/move/paste the folder “spad-bridge-module” (should be the only thing in there) into the Community folder. Voila!

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Working !
Is there a spadnext forum to follow these developments ? you need to register and sign-in to view everything. The best place though is on Discord (

Ok thank you

this is AMAZING, i now have my EFIS hardware working with the a320…now we’re talking baby, this sim just got a whole lot better. Thanks so much for pointing this all out!!

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