SimShaker for Aviators - Thread from the Dev

I didn’t manage to get this working with the FSX version of SimConnect. Installation was ok, but still red X in SSA.

I’m willing to help in debugging. Just PM me.

You could try to copy the SimConnect.dll from the SDK to the SSA installation folder…

I’m currently not at home and thus can not really help…

Did you try the FSX SP2 version of SimConnect?

Yes I did install FSX SP2 SimConnect (if only thing needed is to run the installer). I didn’t copy anything anywhere after running the installer.

Rebooting after installation helped, thanks!

hi, is it possible to use the new simconnect that comes with MSFS 2020 rather than installing the legacy version?
Legacy works but new version keeps giving me an error but i would prefer to connect using the latest rather than legacy

see attached

For now only the legacy SimConnect version is supported. I played around with the new one. It worked for MSFS2020 but not with FSX/P3D. Thus I’ll wait and see how the SDK will develop in the future…

Work fine for me, followed the instructions here ->

1- To download Simconnect click on this link:
2- Once done, double click on the three “SimConnect.msi” you will find in folder to install them.

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Will you guys be in the market for hearing aids after using the SimShaker for any extensive period of time? Does it actually produce any audible noise or is it so low in frequency that it can only be felt but not heard?

BTW, curious if anyone actually flies IRL something windowless or with the windows rolled down? Like the heliplane in FSX? A Piper Cub maybe? I was wondering about the hearing of aviators who flew exposed to the wind. Motorcyclists who do high speed touring are infamous for suffering hearing loss because of the wind whipping around the ears (with or without a helmet). I used to love to drive an old Camry at 75 mph with all the windows rolled down and the radio blaring over the wind (I’m sure I was in the 100 to 110 dB range at least).

So I’d go easy on any simulation that produces a lot of sound. Speaking as a 74-yearold hearing aid wearer (power tools and a John Deere riding tractor probably had a little to do with my hearing loss, too!).

I can imagine that SSA would be a nice audition for people that do not hear well…
The bass shaker or seats do produce some noise which is almost not avoidable if some mass is moved by the motors or the “speaker”. But most of the fun comes from the vibration…

I flew a biplane with a open cockpit some time ago. Most of the wind is produces by the propeller and you are “protected” by the small glass wind shield…

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ok,it works, but uses same UDP packages for all other softwares like
simtools, in my dof platform. This causes some fails ( transducers works for some seconds, and then stop, and start again, and stop, all the time. I think this is a problem with udp in same pots).

There is no associated risk to your hearing. They are not speakers, they are low frequency transducers. Picture a speaker, but you remove the speaker cone and install a heavy weight in it’s place. Both rely on magnetic fields, but the transducer just uses the field to shake a heavy weight back and forth at low frequencies. A speaker, it has a giant cone that moves a large amount of air.

Are they silent? No. Do I consider them loud? No. I can feel them, but I can’t hear them at all while flying with headphones or desktop speakers. They really make the sim come alive.

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I have managed to get the Simshaker working with MSFS 2020. It took several attempts however, I am really pleased with the results. I have used the latest beta SSA application. The SimConnect modules that are recommended in this forum do not appear to interfere with the simulator and it is easy to uninstall them from Windows/Programs. I am using a ButtKicker. Charles

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Hello I was just curious has there been any updates that can be shared with regards to this software? I really want to keep things current without resorting to legacy connection software. Thinking about getting the Buttkicker Gamer 2 (posted on another thread) but want to be sure it can get integrated properly with MSFS using SimShaker software.

I’ve got SSA beta v2.0.6.0 working with MSFS 2020 via FSPassengers Simconnect. It detects the Cessa correctly and I can see the data changing in the Effect Monitor such as the flaps moving. I have downloaded the demo version of SimShaker Sound Module v2.20. For testing purposes I have selected my USB HyperX headphones as the dedicated sound card while I wait for a USB sound card to arrive in the post. When I play the samples in the Sound Module I can hear them in my headphones. The issue is I can’t choose Sound Buttkicker from the Output Mode drop down in SSA. It is stuck on Jeatseat with the other options greyed out. I want to test that everything works before I purchase registration. What am I doing wrong?


I’m not the developer of the SoundModule but I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Could you please check if in there is a shortcut to the Soundmodule in your C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\SimShaker for Aviators folder?
SSA checks for this shortcuts and lists them in the settings tab…

Nothing new on this front. SSA still uses the legacy connection!

Thank you! Yes that worked

SimConnect is Microsoft’ flight sim’s interface API.


The SimConnect API can be used by programmers to write software add-on components for Prepar3D . Add-on components for Prepar3D can be written in C, C++, or, if the managed API calls are being used, any .NET language such as or Typically the components will perform one or more of the following:

  • Add the processing for a new complex gauge, or other instrument, to Prepar3D .
  • Replace Prepar3D processing of one or more events with new logic.
  • Record or monitor a scenario.
  • Extend the scenario system of Prepar3D .
  • Create and set the flight plans for AI (non-user) aircraft.
  • Set different weather systems.
  • Enable new hardware to work with Prepar3D .
  • Control an additional camera that the user can optionally select to view.

SimConnect basically allows SimShaker to receive telemetry data packets from FS2020. These packets of data include information such at engine RPM, landing gear / flaps/ spoilers/ control surface movements, runway bumps and impacts, stall shudder, turbulence, piston beats, etc.

SimShaker and the FS2020 Plugin use this discrete flight data to create the appropriate vibration feedback and send it to a 2nd sound card. That sound card is dedicated to SimShaker. I use the Realtek audio on my motherboard for SimShaker.

By comparison, the buttkicker is just a simple amp with an adjustable filter. It plugs inline in parallel with your speakers or headphones. The buttkicker amp doesn’t calculate any effects and it has no software. It just amplifies the same audio stream that you’d normally hear, and just cuts off the mids and highs to prevent them from reaching the buttkicker transducer. It works, but it’s no where near the same thing. SimShaker creates effects, while a buttkicker used alone is just a sub-sub woofer with no brain.

Now, you can use SimShaker with a buttkicker if you purchase this plugin,

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