SIMSTRUMENTATION - Free Air Manager Instruments for MSFS

■■■■ was waiting for this to fly with the kodiak.

Its working with it??

thanks for all the work

All the basic stuff works fine with the Kodiak and always has. I’ve used the previous version of this in my Kodiak panel since I first released the Kodiak instruments a year ago. This has always been available from us under the Generic group.

With this update, I just added the extras for the TBM that didn’t work previously.

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■■■■ how come i never saw this one? maybe because i only use the G1000 pop ups…

ill definitelly check it out.


This is a screen shot from a stream I did on my YouTube channel 1 year ago right after I launched the entire Kodiak instrument set. You can see the AP under my MFD.


I reached out to the HGC Cabri G2 developer the other day. He was extremely responsive and had a new revision out with a pop-out-able EPM two days later. It works great now!


I’m trying to get the Fenix MCDU to work but the screen just stays black.
Any other instrument works fine but for some reason the mcdu is not showing on my tablet.

It’s only an overlay. You need to pop out the MCDU screen from in the sim and place it within the overlay.

Oh ok,I didn’t know that.
But the overlay not even showing on my tablet,I’m using the demo version of Air manager,do I need the full version ?
I’m here for the last 3 days trying to figure this out lol.

You can only use the demo panel with the demo version of Air Manager. You need the paid version to use other instruments or custom ones.

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I’ve purchase Air manager,everything is working now.
Just need to learn how to use that addon to save the panel so I don’t have to setup the panel every single time I use the Fenix.

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Do you have any plans to publish your Air Manager panel?
There is already one there but I can’t get it to work …

I’ve made up my own AM panel but it’s not a patch on yours.

Sorry should say that I’m referring to your Guimbal Cabri G2 panel post of about two weeks back …

I’m releasing many of my panels but wasn’t planning on that one.

Hey guys
Did any of you guys manage to get the Fenix panel to save using the MSFSP Popout?

Can anyone please assist me in getting the Simstrumentation G1000 NXi loaded on an aircraft in MSFS 2020? I am able to download the SIFF file, how do download the rest of the files?

You don’t have to download it. It’s already natively in Air Manager in the Community Store. There’s nothing for you to do but create your panel and place the G1000 bezels.

As for importing other instrument files, all you need is the SIFF file. You import that via the Air Manager top menu and select Import. The rest of the files are just there as an archive of our work. You don’t need to download them.

I am new here. I have downloaded Air-Manager and have imported the SIFF file. When I Run the panel all I get is a white screen. First question is how do I fix that and the 2nd is how do I get the panel to show up in MSFS 2020 on an aircraft? Any help would be most appreciated.

I guess I should also include exactly what I am wanting to accomplish. I am trying to set up a King Air 200 G1000 NXi in MSFS 2020 using the AVIATEK G1000 Desktop PFD and MFD as well as the GMC and the GCU. I will try and attach a picture.

First, are you using the Air Manager demo or paid.

Secondly, the King Air doesn’t have a G1000. It uses the G3X. The G1000s in Air Manager are just the bezels. You need to pop out the glass cockpit windows from the sim to use them.

There is a mod available that retrofits the G1000 NXi into the Asobo King Air 530, which would let @JD7892 achieve what they’re looking to do combined with the Air Manager bezels:

Beechcraft King Air 350i - WT G1000 Nxi Mod retrofit for cockpit builders » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Given how utterly terrible the G3X is in the sim currently (and for the forseeable future, I guess, since WT has abandoned their mod work and I don’t believe it’s getting touched in AAU1 at all?) this is not a bad thing to do IMHO :slight_smile:

(I should note that this mod is not useful for use in the virtual cockpit because the G1000 is the wrong aspect ratio for the gauge placement spots on the panel, and of course G3X bezels don’t have the G1000 controls on them, so you can only use the above mod properly with popped-out G1000s on external screens / hardware, which I believe is what the OP is planning to do.)