Simulator does not start anymore, update impossible, reinstallation impossible

Did you try the MSFS–> app settings–> repair function?

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Yes I also tried that ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same problem. On the 27th I installed the SU5 update, it worked without any errors. Yesterday evening I started the APP and it forwarded me to the Windows Store for a patch.

I was only able to load the patch after a few attempts, but the app no ​​longer started. I have worked through a lot of instructions from the forum and the internet, including the link above twice - without success. When deleting registry entries for the gaming services (was recommended somewhere) I broke them. I was able to solve that by uninstalling the Gaming Services and XBox and reinstalling both apps.

Finally I have completely deleted the MSFS and reinstalled it, without success. The installation file is loaded in the store (almost 700MB). When I press “launch”, it opens very briefly (at the bottom of the bar) and closes again. Afterwards nothing happens, when I try to relaunch MSFS.

Like Sahak92 I also have the installation on the default hard drive and the packages on a second SSD. I finally checked the windows event logs and found the following: Whenever I click on the MSFS app, I get an event 51 error about accessing hard disk 2. This is strange, because I only have hard disk 0 (the main hard disk) and hard disk 1 (the SSD for the packages).

I don’t know what else I can do. I’m already pretty desperate.

This is where I am too. When I click on “OK” the store opens and no update or download exists…Never experienced so many issues with any other game, sim, or app.


I never heard of a Event 51 error here in the MSFS forums. You may want to do an internet search on this error.

These topics contain various solutions:

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Unable to download SU5 hotfix from Store - says I’m “good to go” - Bugs & Issues / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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@aracines thank you for your help, Tonight I am going to do a restore image of my current installation, format, reinstall windows 10 and I will try to install the simulator again, I will keep you posted.

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I’ve just done a windows installation (i did not format the drive.)…just performed a “windows upgrade” as it suggested in this thread to fix the 0x00000001 error… and did not work.

In my case, i not have the sim installed, and i can’t even get to download from the store the installer.

I also tried repairing windows with MediaCreationTool21H1, keeping my files and programs and it didn’t work.

I tell myself that maybe a fresh and complete reinstallation will solve the problem, even if I will go back to my current system image, because I don’t have time to reinstall all my programs and reconfigure everything.

I do it tonight and I will post the result here

It was pretty much a fact that this is the only solution of this nightmare.

But honestly, … what would happen after $$)))=)=·$ update 6? re install windows again? ahahah. The sim update day is like “Groundhog day”

I thing buying this is the most i regreat in my life after a 340 plane bought from peter hager

It is clear that if this should happen again, it will become painful, I hope it is an exceptional case.

I am pretty sure that for me the problem is with the latest Windows Gaming services update, before everything was fine. I was able to update SU5 and do 2-3 hours of flight time (and enjoy the few CTDs that I had never had before this update :rofl:), but not patch the SU5.

I had some issues the other day.

Check add remove programs to make sure it’s gone. Also check on the Xbox app to make sure it’s gone - mine was stuck with some error

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I just checked and everything is good on that side. Thank you

try this

Hello everybody same problem here i tried all the solutions mentioned above and can’t lunch the sim yet

|Edition|Windows 10 Pro|
|Installed on|‎01-‎Aug-‎21|
|OS build|19043.1151|
|Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0|

I confirm that the clean installation fixes the problem

This is where I’m stuck too. On Windows 11 Insider Beta. Windows Store doesn’t show an update.

The answer can be found here Where are people downloading the hotfix from? - #11 by SlinkyMate thanks to @SlinkyMate

Thaïs launcher is a joke ?

2 mb/s, seriously ? ■■■.

124 hours for download mfs for me.

Yes, a CLEAN install of Windows 10 Pro, does fix the problem. After a month of doing resets, repairs and all other work arounds, I wiped the drive and did a clean install. Fixed.

If you use Process Lasso, then disable it before starting MSFS 2020. Apparently it crashes the sim after a few seconds. None of the less, I am unable to download anything from the Microsoft servers. Zendesk investigation is pending.