SimUpdate #3 - March 4 - still on schedule?

Wait - whats this streamers floating issue? I’ve only flown 3 times since the last update and thought aside from the flaps issue and taxi light explosion - it seemed visually better. Is there a screen shot somewhere? Although on second thought I might now be able to unsee whatever you show me lol.

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Have flown alot, and so used to taxi lights all over the place I hadn’t noticed it. Flying the PA44 from Carenado that does not seem to have a flap issue…but significant lack of roll resistance.

Another :+1: from me on getting the flight dynamics working before any other eye candy updates.


The weather looks lovely but doesn’t do much to my aircraft when I’m in it. Hope that gets sorted ASAP :slight_smile:


Captain Moore

Just to cite a few:

I believe you’ll have to get used to it.

NB: all the ones listed above are not only reporting the problems but are also offering solutions which could be implemented with the current tech right now, and also would satisfy the customers (since these suggestions come from the customers).


endless waste of time again till the broken things are to be fixed…

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Again taxi lights are literally the least important thing Asobo should be focusing on.


Plus, newly introduced bugs / glitches as regards the taxiway edge lights infestation all over the airports and a rundown on flight physics back again after WU III UK.

The least important ? It’s such a sim killer.

I am out of this topic here! :grin:

So many bugs need to be fixed. After World Update II, they have also broken the airliners liveries and just leave it like nothing happened.

The only bug I have ever seen they fixed as quick as possible (though many days later) is the broken VFR Map CTD.

I also hope Asobo will fix all your listed problems to give a good platform for your projects!


Is there a LOD issue with Multiplayer planes. ?

I can see their lights from far away, and the red/green light become quite far apart, till about 1/2 mile away, the Plane suddenly pop up between the lights, and at that point, is quite detailed, in that you can clearly make out what type small GA plane it is.

It would be much better if it started to appear, between the lights, a lot further away.

So is this also a LOD related issue ?

Wjy is this a “taxi-lights OR flight models” battle?

BOTH needs to be fixed like both got broken in one update.
And as there are most likely two different teams working on scenery and flight models there shouldn’t be a priority issue…


plus the ridiculously gigantic taxiway signs… oh good Lord, there are too many to fix.

Maybe they should use the taxiway sign as advertisment billboards to generate income to hire some real devs to fix this sim… :joy:


do you mean to fix this game ?

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yes… I stand corrected

I agree the lighting needs fixing, but it would be nice to be on short final shooting an ILS approach and not have ATC tell me to climb and maintain 14,000 feet.


I believe it is and it is even worse in VR: you wont see any other aircraft light until they are something about 2nm from you…

This is one bug among many other in VR, which they finally added a category for, in which there are entries I don’t even know where they come from and have much less votes than most of VR topics, for which I’ve made a while ago a compilation here:

[VR] Dev Q&A and Feedback Snapshot: please make a VR only category - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

@NewfieSmokester, I don’t think Laminar (or anybody else for that matter) is ever going to have the capability to stream >3PB of data realtime to millions of users all over the planet. At least not in our lifetimes. We’ll have 3PB SDDs before that happens, and be able to host the data locally, assuming Bing or Google or whomever will license us to do that for anything remotely close to what we’re paying for what we already get.

And lawd I hope the excess taxi lights isn’t the latest “scenery spike” nothing burger for all the whiners to lose their minds about. Whoever it is who made the KEYW scenery already fixed it, but you have to have purchased it from them, not the in-sim store, but I’m guessing MS/Asobo will either approve the update, or have it fixed as it applies to all the “victims” in short order, so I’m not losing any sleep over it. Just fly there during the day if it bothers you that much, or go to non-3rd party airports.

And back to the original question, do we have a date for SU3, or is it still a moving target? I can live with the 4th, or a delay (if it makes things better overall) is fine with me, as well. I just haven’t seen anything concrete either way, or even a target date other than the 4th.

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According to the dev roadmap…

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