SimWorks Studios and FSReborn: Boeing 727-200


On a Twitch stream with streamer “TheFlyingFabio,” SimWorks Studios and FSReborn have announced their plans to collaborate on a Boeing 727-200 advanced for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS).

The Boeing 727 marks a large step for the two companies in MSFS, with the two previously sticking to smaller propeller aircraft, this is the first time the developers have ventured into the jet space within the simulator. The original announcement can be viewed below.


not the -100 as well?
time will tell


Oh wow this is great news! Love the 727.


:heart_eyes: The 727 would be a great addition to the sim.


Oh my god, yes please. We need a trijet (a good one) sorely. I wonder if it’ll be out before the TFDI MD-11?


I really hope they do this justice. Hopefully it turns out awesome!


yes…I think we all do

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Oh, that would be something, I’d be interested in. A lot more than the 5th version of some 737 Max thats in the end the same thing anyway. I hope they will pull this off.


I would bet on it, I know @SimbolFSReborn for many years now and he delivers what he talks about in public (the only thing that can stop him is the SDK, and that can be updated/fixed by Asobo^^).
I am looking forward to this airplane and I am sure it will be a great representation of the real one :slight_smile: But give him time to finish it, he will not release if he is not 100% happy with it^^

And don’t forget 70 dollars for 5 extra inches for the same 737 airplane. :rofl:


Hi All,

the Boeing 727 is my favourite aircraft of all times. I put a high level of passion to airplanes I develop, please never underestimate the power of love and passion of a developer. If there is an airplane I love the most of all in this universe it is the the Boeing 727. There is no other aircraft in the world in my personal opinion that looks as beautiful as this bird, specially at full flaps during landing!!! is just incredible.

SWS and FSReborn are both incredible excited about this project, Alex loves this aircraft probably as much as I do, although we argue often about it, I still think I love it more haha.

Please trust we both (SWS and FSreborn) will put an incredible amount of love and passion towards this project, as I told Alex once, building the 727 is my biggest dream as a developer and although I love every single airplane currently on my road-map (Piper M500 coming soon!!, TL-3000, Phenom 300E, M600 + others), the B727 has always been my ultimate goal.

There are days that simply put I cannot sleep just waiting to be able to start working on the 727. I just cannot wait to heard the unique typical sounds of the flaps when on wing views, feel and hear the power of the JT8D engines, simulate all those circuit breakers… see the cabin with new seats, develop a realistic cabin lighting and much more… is really hard to describe…

B727 was always on my road map, Alex (SWS) knew about it since I released the Sting S4 since we both always have been friends and collaborate with each other to resolve issues and progress our projects for MSFS.

I wanted to bring this airplane sooner to MSFS and accordingly the most logical step to be able to do so was joining forces with someone and Alex (SWS) was simply put the best person for this Job. I believe he is the only person that truly understand my passion for this aircraft he knows how much this baby really means to me.

From my point of view, this is an incredible dream on the making! and I can’t wait to fly it!! My life is now more exciting than ever and I can’t thank SWS enough for accepting my proposal to develop this project together.

Thank you Alex! can’t wait to bring this together to MSFS :slight_smile:

All the best,


I CAN NOT wait!!! My favorite plane. The 727 is just SEXY!!


I mean how can you not love this?

And for those that think this will be an oldy… we will have some surprises under our sleeves…



Valspan did an interesting update of the 727 with -217 engines, winglets, et al. I hope for dash 15 or 17 engines though. Fabulous aircraft and close to my heart in many ways.

Ooh I’m intrigued. Modern avionic options would certainly welcome, given how long many of these frames stayed in service.

Thanks Raul
I think you’ll find 100s or 1000s very keen on this project too. I’m sure you’ll put so much into this, that it will become a most highly valued product. Just intrigued as to whether you’ll have the -100 as well, as there were more of these flying from the 60’s. Can’t wait for the painters to get hold of this batch too! Good luck with this important project.

This is awesome news! Are there any plans for a freighter version?


This is the best thing I have heard today. I love the B727. I know you say it will be updated. But please make an old original one too for us old ■■■■■. My 1st plane ride was in June 1975 when I was 13. I flew on a green Braniff International B727-200 from KDFW to KEWR. I fell in love instantly with the B727.


Raul, glad to hear you guys are so passionate and excited about this. If someone is gonna do the 727, it needs to be done right and not be some Frankensteined abomination like certain unnamed developers put out.


Steam gauges, 3 engines, a high cruise speed of about 500 kts (I think) and reverse thrust sounds now only a distant memory. What’s not to like here?

Heck, I’m a GA simer (apart from PMDG 737, DC 6 and King Air) and even I’m excited by this!

In all honesty though I think you guys have set yourself a massive challenge here if you want to truly capture the real aircraft (I think you do :slightly_smiling_face:). Anything less than a very high fidelity version would, I think, be a bit of an insult to such an iconic aircraft. Do you realise what you have taken on?

If you can pull it off though count me in as one of your first customers.

Please keep us updated as this fantastic project develops. I will be interested to see what sort of avionics options you decide on too, old school or modern. I wonder which it will be.

And, yes, great news :+1: