SimWorks Studios and PILOT'S Dash 7!

? gust lock

The lever in front of the throttles.

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yes, i have but maybe some controll settings ? maybe the GPS system can affect the behavior of the aircraft GNS50 or?

Also try to trim the aircraft a little bit up before take-off. I usually find the default trim setting too low even though I’m in the take-off range.

New version of my mod, now with Jaydee’s beta range, blue ground range lights and an idle gate that opens with the main wheels


What does the beta range-mod do (ie Jaydee’s mod)?
Like 50% throttle on my hardware is 0%/idle? Below that beta?

Beta range makes the propellers go flat so that they can produce almost zero thrust, which makes the plane much easier to taxi since it doesn’t run away from you as soon as you let go of the brakes. You need to use a little bit of reverse, so assign a button on your controls to “hold reverse thrust” and that way, when you advance the throttle, you’ll be able to control how much reverse you use and can keep the props in beta range

I know what beta range is…

Just wondering what Jaydee’s beta mod does.

The best method imho (surprised not more ppl use it) is to use one vernier as “hold reverse thrust”:
Pull vernier = throttle full beta range (and don’t have to keep a button pressed).
Push vernier back in = normal throttle with idle at idle position (instead of at 50% hardware pos).

So Jaydee’s mod is different in what way?

Not really. If you look at the diagram a few posts above by @UnsealedKarma36 you will see that beta range varies between +20 and -13deg.
Beta range simply put defines the area where the blade angle is being controlled by the power levers instead of the condition (prop) levers.

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Jaydee‘s mod makes it possible to smoothly utilize beta range. In my experience with the unmodded Dash 7 it’s either forward thrust which will make the plane hard to control on the ground, or reverse which will grind the plane to a halt. With the mod it’s much easier. I have my throttle setup through FSUIPC so that I can do all three (forward, beta, reverse) on the throttle without any buttons etc.

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for the dash my beta range is like you want. Forward Thrust is above flight idle, reverse thrust (axis) is beta range, with the first inch still forward thrust.


Just got an email regarding an update for the Dash 7:

  • All Models -
    ADF implementation bug tracked and fixed with assistance from Asobo.
    ADF code revised, now fully operational.
    Hide/show yoke message on actual yoke removed.
    Revised airborne spoileron behaviour.
    Revised spoileron and ground spoiler behaviour on ground.
    Revised spoileron and ground spoiler code for braking upon landing.
    Spoiler warning lights revised.
    Revised flight idle gate code.
    Fixed flight idle gate caution light.
    Propeller ground range lights corrected to blue.
    Fixed potentiometer setting on captain side map reading light.
    Fixed rudder indicator.
    Fixed cabin altitude needle behaviour.
    Autopilot On | Off clickspot added to front panel.
    Fixed animation on Nav1 volume knob.

  • PMS50 GTN Model -
    PMS 750 now with WTT Mode.

I’ll be interested to see if the mod noted about still works…no mention of a beta r ge in the patch notes so I’ll want the mod for that at the very least.


I’ll be interested to see if the mod noted about still works

It should probably still work, but I’ll update my mod tomorrow so that is uses the latest files


Thanks so much!

Tried latest version.
Can’t get the ADF to work: Can’t press/use ADF/ANT button at all, and getting no ADF signals - RMI doesn’t move.
Same with BFO/OFF switch not working (not sure/doubt BFO-mode makes any changes though/inop).

Pms gtn750, two differnt liveries.

Im still using Ungeneer’s mod though. Not sure if that is interfering (didn’t have time to test and remove it).

The good thing is (with the mod) it flies much better: more power on T/O, and it slows down much quicker on final - without that endless floating on a 3degree slope with flaps 0, waiting to get below flap/gear extension at 147ias.
So able to keep up speed much longer and do steep approaches when flaps/gear is down :+1:

Much more joyfull to fly and more realistic afaik.

It very well could be my mod interfering. It overwrites a few files that have to do with the systems of the plane, so it would still be using the old ADF code. I’m working on updating it now

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New version of my mod released, now using the files from V1.25 PILOT'S DHC-7 Flight Model Improvement for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS


A sincere thanks for all your work in enhancing this aircraft!

Still cant get ADF to work though. With mod and without mod.
Tried 4 different ADFs, BFO on/off - no signal.

So obviously a Pilot’s issue (GTN750 - default and custom livery + no gps livery).

Unless everyone is having the issue, there’s always the chance there is a problem with one of your other mods? Have you tried flying it without any other mods installed?