SimWorks Studios Kodiak 100 one the best aircraft for MSFS 2020

A wonderful airplane! After three touch and go I can say this is one of the best aircraft for MSFS 2020!


Completely agree! Nice modelling everywhere.

One small observation though. When taxieng it quickly gets away from you. Is there a way of preventing this?

In the process of printing the poh and there might be some input there. If so I will revert.

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The prop condition lever should be on low idle to taxi. High idle (full forward position) for normal flight.


Totally agree it´s a beauty and a master piece! One question does anyone know how to close the skydive door? In the manual they wrote something about a handle to close it but i can´t find it. If someone would know i would appreciate the help! Thank you

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We saw Av Angel using the Drone camera to open the Door from the inside of the Cargo / Passenger Compartment. Try That.

Yes offcause…thank you!

Here, here, The plane is amazing. It just works and very little is Inop. Also love the oxygen simulation, the plane is at the level of this one I had for X-Plane: Kodiak Quest G1000 - DGS Series-Thranda-Kodiak and that is one good Kodiak.

My MSFS is a much more complete sim now, thanks SWS!


Yeah but i´m talking about the skydiving door that rolls up. I can get it open but don´t know how to close it.

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A popup door panel would be much appreciated. Maybe clicking on the speed refs or something?

Pull handle to close skydiving door.


Hi I just got this I usual don’t use aircraft with the Garmin can I disable the synthetic vision?

Thanks in advance if you can help.
Best wishes

I dont think so. I think it is a glass pit. However you dont have to use it like one. You can still do NDB, VOR etc.

Yes, you should be able to disable it somewhere in the PFD options. It’s called something with SVT. That is on the NXi at least, not sure about the default as I haven’t used it in forever.

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Thank you!

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Can anyone recommend a few bush like rough strips to fully experience this aircraft, maybe one or two that have addons?

Click on PFD button, bottom of G1000 screen. Then on the left of the screen it will say “SYN VIS” click the corelating button to turn off or back on, for the stock G1000.

“PFD Opt” button, followed by “SVT” Then click the “Terrain” Button on or off. For the upgraded G1000.

CYBD Bella coola, is a great airport.

There are freeware and payware CYBD airports available.

KSZP in Cali is another good one, I got that today payware from just flight, it was ten English pounds, and is a nice short field landing, but is a proper runway.

Johnson creek is a beautiful airport, I think it’s code is 3U2, it’s available on the in sim market place, grass runway with high tress all around it and is hard to approach in a mountainous area .

I’ll have a look for more. I really only fly from payware or good freeware or hand crafted ones.


Another good airport in California is L05 - Kern Valley.

The Kodiak will make it almost too easy, but the approach following the river to Isabella Lake is loads of fun. Daytime operations only.


Thanks, that worked perfectly. Now time to learn a little about the G1000. Best wishes. Bob

I hope people will be posting tutorials for this plane. I have tons of autopilot issues with it…