Skip the intro spots when loading the game

I can understand wanting to have all the company spots at the beginning of loading the game, maybe one time. Let us have an option to skip them after the first load. It adds a lot of time to the loading of the game.


Thank you thank you!

Should still be a switch in game.

Having to add command line switches in 2020 isn’t right lol.


thanks for that tip, works like a charm!

Much appreciated. Works well.

Please, how to do it when I have game bought from Microsoft store and have icon on desktop …

I believe this is how you do it if you downloaded it from the Microsoft store:

cmd.exe /C start shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App -FastLaunch

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Hi, if I will use this command, game runs into Press any key to continue and after that it show insert game CD or something else and quit. How to solve it?

Can we please skip the commercials when starting MSFS? No need for them, we already bought the sim. Boot time is long enough as it is.

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What commercials?

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Add -FastLaunch to your launch command. In Steam you just put it where you add custom arguments to launch commands. Not sure about MS store launches. You may need to create your own link and add -FastLaunch there.

Bam! Commercials gone - and a faster launch.

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XBOX Game Studios … Asobo … Microsoft … Blackbox.

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Those aren’t commercials, those are the devs, every game does the same thing

You can skip them with a command line argument though, which version of the sim do you have, MS Store or Steam?

Boxed version. That’s the MS Store version right?


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Will try it, thanks!

Yep, works perfectly. Sim now starts at the checking for updates screen :slight_smile:

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The three videos don’t bother me. It’s the advertising for the latest world update that I already have that gets annoying. Show me this once, or even for a couple of days, but then go back to the original TBM wallpaper screen from before the first WU.

When starting flight simulator there always appear lot’s of screens like “Asobo”, “Blackshark”…
I don’t think anyone really needs them.
Better combine them on one starting screen for increasing loading times.

The Steam Fastlaunch workaround worked for me, but voted anyway as no one really wants or needs to see all the developer bloat videos. If those played while things are loading, it wouldn’t be a big deal since it would be the same total time either way. Since it seems those play prior to loading anything, they should go or be easily skipped by pressing the ESC key or something.