Sky and Clouds are too bright

Is there a way to change brightness in VR using the Quest 2?
The sky and clouds looks like this.


Workaround: if you have fast Wifi 6 network, use the Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop (will require switching to the SteamXR library), and adjust the gamma in VD.

Just the clouds look too bright/saturated. The cockpit is nice.

Gamma won’t fix that.

In VR it’s even worse than the picture, is this normal?

Is the cockpit okay or same saturation issue as clouds?

Cockpit is ok.

Then gamma won’t help cuz it’s just the clouds.

I’m sure Devs are aware and will hopefully address this next update.

I’m running Quest 2 and didn’t really notice specifically the clouds but that the colors appear a bit washed out across the board now but I need to test more.

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yes,that is what i want to say.Dont know if Gforce Experience could adjust,will get time to try it later !

I’ve been trying to adjust the saturation and brightness overall in VR using Adrenalin software, but it only works in 2D. :frowning:

Landscapes look too dark and faded on My G2 atm, while the clouds are too bright. It would be nice if we had some in game sliders for VR to adjust this.

Is there any other way to adjust things like saturation in WMR for gaming?

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Yeah it is too bright 100% in vr

Very washed yeah

It’s not only in VR.

Same here. Clouds are way over exposed and not only in VR.

It’s been this way since VR was introduced, it maybe slightly worse with this update but i need to do more flying in various conditions before i come to a conclusion.

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Ive never had the ‘washed out’ image that many have talked about until SU5.

Since SU5 its a real mess for me. Way too bright. Its really noticeable on concrete runways and white buildings.

Where’s all my detail gone.


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This is noticed and reported many many times and there are already lots of threads about this. Especially in VR the overexposure is eye hurting and we are crying for virtual sunglasses or an exposure control slider for months.

Hope it will be fixed soon.

And we are begging for virtual sunglasses for a long long time. Using sunglasses is the simple solution for every real life pilot in the world because the real sky is very bright too.


Not only VR…
It also makes it very hard to work with the G1000 panels during the daytime (on the C172).

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I found this in another topic,
in UserCfg.opt file
EyeAdaptation 0
ColorGrading 0
Sharpen 0

under the related section, normal or VR or both.
it is better like this.
maybe you can play with the parameter one by one to see what is more suitable for you.



I found a topic with a picture comparing the ColorGrading 1 and ColorGrading 0, here it is.

First image is ColorGrading 1, second image is ColorGrading 0.
It’s better but the ground looks like it’s too bright now, I don’t know if EyeAdaptation and Sharpen will help, but I will try that.


I think there is an nvidia tool called “freestyle” that is part of the larger Geoforce Experience software that allows for color tuning and looks like that might help with the overexposure and washed out look…I will try that and revert. And it looks like you can use that part of the software and still can leave turned off the other features of Geoforce Experience that can mess with the sim graphics settings as nvidia attempts to “optimize” your settings.