Sky colors

very strange Still no Addons or mods that allow change sky colors… water; light effects,etc…

was wondering where is REX environment team and rest of Modders that developed this kind of software like in fsx…

hope they will rise soon… a litter bit tired of same blue sky color and so on…

What colour do you want the sky to be other than blue? :grinning:

But weather effects are possible combined with changing the time of day, you can get some nice effects.

Or are you looking for something specific?


I know sky is always blue :slight_smile: :grinning: but there are plenty of tones… depending on the season; umidity and the hour but even in the sunset and mornings there are thousands of different colors…


In Greece,sky is fine

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Good to know… as well in my sim sky is fine

I feel like this should be something that’s handled by the internal graphics engine, not a third party program.

I seriously don’t understand everyone’s fetish with running 20 different background programs when they start a simulator session, but hey I don’t yuck any yums.


Have a look through the screenshots from the latest screenshot competition. I’m pretty sure all those sky colours show up there, all from within the base sim.

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afaic, there’s absolutely no need for an external program. The sim does it all already.


The last thing we need is an external program for sky colors. I am so over that. I also believe we dont really need such addons in msfs. The sky in this sim is the most dynamic I have ever seen in any game.

Also when the weather engine and atmospheric simulation gets updated as Seb mentioned in last Q&A, you will get even more variation in sky colors because they are planning on adding humidity and other parameters.


Great to know…thnx. Will be good

I agree. I was a big fan of the REX software in the P3D days. So i bought REX Weather Engine for MSFS to have more accurate weather in MSFS but im not really impressed…

I fly on VATSIM online and i need to have atleast the correct pressures. So as many were complaining about that the MSFS weather doesnt represent the real metar weather i tought i give it a try.
I found out that the Pressures of the MSFS default weather were correct in every flight to and from every airport. So, REX was a waste of money for me…

Also the MSFS weather doesnt change from overcast to CAVOK within 10mins which breaks the immersion with REX completely…

So im also pretty sure we dont need any Sky-Enhancement for MSFS. The default one does a good job.
But i dont like the exaggerated red-ish skys at sunset in my region, this happens very rarely IRL. Its way overdone in MSFS. We almost never have such extreme red skies in the evening.

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that’s the point… I was referring more to the sunsets and sunrises variation colors.

Personal preference isn’t a fetish, it’s a choice.

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Agreed, brother, the sky looks fine :wink:


Is that Greece as well ?
Oh…Kassos,i just saw it.
Cheers bro

Computer component BDSM?

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That is interesting. Because the sky clours on my system are always the same. I fly in the sim over Russia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa mostly and my sunsets are always the same. When I see screenshots with different colors they surprise me every time:) MSFS is a huge thing to be explored and answered:)))

How high do you fly? Live weather enabled?

If you’re at say FL400 all the time, there’s very little moisture in the air at that altitude, so the skies will look mostly the same. Lower down with clouds etc causes the light to break differently.

FL44 mostly:) However when I fly low nothing changes.

Sky is fine for most conditions. They could add some small twists to the engine to take pollution into account. Deep red sunsets are often caused by particles in the sky (say after a volcanic eruption for example). But other than that there is not much to vary for as far as I know.

More important for me would be the tone of the light when there is an overcast cloud deck, you can see the light and clouds become red whereas they would normally just be dark gray. I can understand that this may be hard to achieve though.


as stated, at FL440, the temperature is so low, the air basically holds no water, so the sky will always look the same.

Flying lower, you should see a difference, unless you’re always flying with clear skies. Throw some live weather in, and you’re going to see all sorts of different skies.

Here’s a couple of examples from my own screenshot galery;