Small update today? [24 June 2021]

What is it doing now?

I don’t fly jets, so I don’t see them on my own plane. But that said, I rarely ever switch to external view either. And I’ve yet to see this effect on any of the other planes, even while there were a bunch of planes in the air until they broke it again last week.

Except, they don’t. They affect other aircraft (AI, Multiplayer etc.) as well as they will be used for chimneys etc.

Also some people like to switch to external views where they actually are visible on your own aircraft.

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Exactly. The effects files are there for people to develop with them now, but the planes need to be modified to use them for them to show up.

Thanks for the answer. Maybe its me that I didnt notice it before :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You tell me

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Had to download all these liveries to start game. Immediately uninstalled them in content manager…

What grinds ny gears about this small “update” is how it automatically changes your graphics settings to what the system thinks is best for you. Like really? My 2080 super and i9-9900KF are going to be recommended for low or none on everything. Hey Asobo how about you dont send out graphics recommendations ever and let me do me. I know my system best.

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Yesterday I suffered with this problem that asks for an update since I have the updated sim but everything was solved. Today I want to make a flight and again I get the error that I have to update the sim. I have already downloaded 3 times in the microsoft store and I can’t fly I don’t know what else to try.

How did you manage to have no aircraft with generic liveries at the airports?

I don’t think that Asobo has anything to do with this. The other day I saw somewhere in nVidia experience settings this check box “automatically optimize new games”. I unticked it. Now I have to wait and see.
When I am at my PC again I can make a screen shot.


I turn off all generic aircraft and their liveries in the official folder aircraft.cfg files.

Then I force the Asobo A320 to be used as generic, and replaced all their default air traffic livery with the three major airline alliances.

And for all the A320 liveries I downloaded, I make sure they all have an AI model applied to them with a working AI traffic.

LOL… Nice video. Not sure what your point is with such limited information. Care to expound?

Thanks. Very interesting. I found 46 aircraft.cfg files but I do not know how to turn them off or how exactly to complete the other steps you mention.

I would love to know more but I suspect there will be complaints about going off topic if the conversation goes down that path.

I am sure other people who are capable and willing to experiment would also be interested as A! aircraft liveries in the sim are a hot topic.

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After I installed this update, the Jabiru J160/J170 update in Content Manager is broken. It says it’s 2.70Gb but when you try to install it the progress bar says it’s 1.27GB and it stalls when it’s decompressing and reaches that point. When I tried to cancel it and install another update it went right back to the stall at 1.27GB. If I then tried to select another aircraft to fly, the program did a CTD. That happened several times so at this point I’m not even going to try to update Jabiru. It’s not worth the aggravation. BTW, this happened with both a full and empty Community folder.

You may want to put your remark about Jabiru here, @Vibstronium had a tip that worked… delete and reinstall the whole thing

You may want to put your remark about Jabiru here , @Vibstronium had a tip that worked… delete and reinstall the whole thing

Thanks. I took a look at the info, deleted the Iris Jabiru folder and reinstalled the aircraft.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I am closing this topic, because we think that everyone is now aware of the update reason.

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