Smart Cam

What exactly does this setting do?

It changes the view to look at nearby points of interest (POIs) such as airports, towns, fauna, etc. I think by default it’s a “hold” key/button. So when you hold it down you’ll see the view shift to look at the nearest POI. Sorry, I’m not in the sim at the moment, but you can add labels to the POIs by goIng into “Assists” I believe and look for an option to turn on the various labels. Post back here if you can’t find it and I’ll repost once I’m looking at the sim again.

After going back into the sim, you can turn the POI markers “on” in the global map. Look under the “open filters”, and under that you’ll see “points of interest”. Under there, you’ll find the option to turn on the labels for the various markers.

Honestly it seems a bit wonky to me. Sometimes it seems to focus where there isn’t an identifiable POI. Maybe way off in the distance, but sometimes I don’t really know what it’s directing me to look at.

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Yea I’ve had some that seem to look at some random point. Don’t know if that’s something they haven’t labeled or it’s just a bug. I don’t use it that much anymore. I did when it first started, just to get a feel for where airports/etc were. I know there are some achievements that use something like “look at XXX for Y seconds” or something like that. Just not much use to me overall though.