Snow SU7 live weather

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Brief description of the issue:

Iive weather show snow when its not supossed to be the season

I think this might be what they call fog.

You have to hand it to the OP, it’s about as ‘brief’ as it gets, as a means to get something fixed, however - the devs will need a miracle :joy: more information please!

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Hi @happygolucky32,
Could you provide more details such as a location?

Sure SKBO mountains north of Borgata is one place but you see the white hazy ground effects all the way from MPTO to SKBO. I was going to open a ticket with pictures.

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I forgot to tell you, Store version, dev off, high end, live weather.

We are in summer season and there is no snow , however in live weather all covered with snow.

here the location :


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For a couple of months I have seen that the areas with snow have not been updated, for example in several places in southern Chile and Argentina (where it is already summer and the temperatures exceed 20 degrees Celsius) they still appear completely frozen. I have noticed this problem since the SU7


when will the vanilla seasons feature be available in the sim ? still being stated as planned 2022 but when in 2022 to be exact ? i’m sure it will solve most of such issues as snow coverage and the like.