So everybody happy with SU6?

Hi there,
I’m wondering if I am the only one still experiencing the same number of CTDs with SU6 as before with the hot fixed SU5? I’m mostly using the FBW A32NX and CTDs happen frequently when switching from cockpit to passenger view after takeoff or when initializing the MCDU after starting the flight in the air.
Considering the enormously long loading times to set up a flight these CTDs hurt even more,
What are your experiences?

well for me no problems with the su6, you update the fbw¿

Three CDTs for me the other day in the San Francisco area. These were after a week without, though.

I think I’m just learning not to go to some places, and not do certain things.

Much better then SU05 for me. Far away from perfect, but is ok.

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Stability wise are as good as always for me. Night lighting is slightly better.

The stutters are back though.


Yeah same here. Never really had them before but I’m having them opening up fs and on landings. Weird

Crashed once in the menu. Other than this perfect.

Overall happy.
Things like the improvements in night lightning are done well - even if some regions still seems to be half baked. The new LOD settings is a big step forward too.

But unfortunately ATC is now being randomly muted (I am using ATC AI control) and it ruined lot’s of flights. Autopilot cannot climb and maintain a certain alitude and the state of “AI control aircraft” seems to be even worse.

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Still very stable for me also, AI aircraft are back with their lights and contrails, my favourite mods (FBW and WTCJ4) are updated. Quite happy yes

Hello, I don’t have any CTD.
I only get CTDs when I enable hyperthrending in my motherboard bios. I have some freeze sometimes, which make me ask, if the game has crashed, but comes back after a few long seconds, like plugging or unplugging my headphones

Yes, very pleased

Quite pleased. Never sufferedfrom CTDs dince I stopped overclocking but I akso don’t fly commercial, do no A320X for me either.

It’s been the best update for me so far. We get the performance boost of SU5 and, in VR at least, the sharpness of pre-SU5. Trim is even working again! New CTDs in the Washington DC area, but other than that it is pretty solid.

Yep , Xbox X & S running smoothly. Haven’t fired up the pc for months and not updated

Look like I lost 5-10 FPS on my benchmark airstrip (default).

More long stutters too.

Overall on performance I enjoyed better SU5.


Slowly getting worse for me. This update required me to download the entire sim again on my whopping 10mb connection and then had to remap my flight yoke, rudders etc. performance wise I see no difference. Only played it once since update. Going to go again shortly.

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I have been having the same issue since a week after SU6 studders in main menu, preflight, during flight, I have had several CTDs after take off Boeing 747,787. As well just before landing. XBOX SX.

No problems here, but I’m convinced that many of the problems we have are due to servers being overloaded.

TBM parking break issue for me on Xbox since update. Also my callsign doesn’t save, nor will it be read by ATC. That hasn’t worked since a few updates ago.

Few stutters back but overall fine.