So I Can’t Be Frustrated Here?

Apparently in the December 22 update, snow will be added in real-time. While that’s cool and all, am I the only one here who’d rather see Asobo fix the more glaring issues and bugs like, oh I don’t know, PLANES BEING FLYABLE? I guess I’m just tired of all these updates about enhancing cities and countries and now weather, and I’d rather be able to fly again. I haven’t flown in nearly a month because the last USA update broke the AP on some of the planes, most notably my favorite, the A320. Then of course there are the planes which haven’t been flyable (for me at least) since the launch in August.

I’m usually optimistic and I always try to look at the bright side of things, but I guess when you pay $120 for a flight sim and most of the planes don’t are unflyable, you’d be a little frustrated like me. I didn’t know I paid $120 for a weather simulator or some world simulator.

Literally, the only thing I’ve complained about so far is about the USA update and how it broke my favorite plane, the A320. I know the A320 might get fixed in the next update, but is that really for certain? And whose to say that something else won’t be broken when they add snow to the sim? Why can’t they worry about those things once all the plane’s bugs have been ironed out and are all flyable again. I’m starting to forget this is flight simulator after all. I can’t possibly be the only one here who feels like this?


What am I even voting for here?


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