So I tried the Nvidia Studio Driver

My system:
ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601 PC/ Intel 8-Core i9-9900K 3.6GHz/ - Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 24GB GDDR6 - 2TB 7200RPM + 1TB Solid State Drive + 2TB SSD dedicated exclusively to MSFS - 64GB DDR4 SDRAM - Windows 10

After SU10 , using DLSS, I was able for the first time to enjoy DX12. Yes, there were some stutters, but nothing like I had experienced prior to SU10.
The SU10 and DLSS update gave me a decent 8-10 FPS increase to around 50 fps, but I won’t complain about any increase, right? DX12 was better, but not quite steady. Still some hickups and stutters. All I needed was that darn Nvidia game-ready driver to release. It nagged me that a lot of people here were saying that the studio driver released on the 20th was just as good. It made me curious…
So, I took the plunge today. I thought, if it doesn’t work, I can always roll back my driver.
Results: an additional 8-10 FPS, so I now occasionally see 60 FPS, but mostly 55-58. Here is what is key: DX12 is now rock steady on my rig. For me, the sim as it is currently configured has never run or looked better.
The real reason I posted this is to tell folks, if you are waiting for the game-ready driver, you should consider trying the studio driver in the interim. Whatever the differences between the two drivers are, the SD has merit and is effective at taming the DX12 hickups and stutters that plague a lot of folks. It is also beautiful, visually. I used to have enough problems with DX12 as to make it unusable. Not anymore.
Thanks for reading-


I concur, I also tried the studio driver …worked great!


Yep. SU10, DX12, Studio Driver is the best version of any home flight sim I’ve experienced since I started playing 30 years ago.

Truly remarkable.


Been debating whether to try the studio driver or not… gonna give it a try i think!

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll definitely try to install the new Studio Driver.

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Can we use also Nvidia Game Filter feature in sim with Studio Driver?

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So ive installed the studio driver and gone to dx12… i have good and bad results the good is that i the stuttering i had has gone and felt smoother when i panned camera around… the bad is that i havent seen an increase in fps usually 20fps and ive now gone from being limted by cpu to now limited by gpu. Looked in task manager and saw that only 5% of my gpu was being utilized but did notice that the entirety of my gpu memory was being used. Bare in mind i am only running off a gaming laptop with a ryzen 5 cpu and gtx 1650. Despite the fact i know i cant do anything about this other than to purchase a new laptop altogether the smoothness is a lot better and i will stick to this.

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Another thing you can try is turning off hyperthreading in the BIOS. It won’t hurt anything and if it isn’t of any benefit, you can always turn it back on. I know this won’t affect your GPU cores, but back when I turned it off (about a week ago) I got a nice little bump from it FPS-wise.
MSFS is an odd duck, be sure-


I will definitely try this tomorrow and post back results… thanks!

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Change the graph to view Multiple engines and select one to be Graphics_1. There you will see all the activity. I’m not sure why Task Manager can’t be told to report the overall activity from a specific engine or be smart enough to see that there definitely is activity, just not where it’s looking.

With DX11 all the activity was under 3D.


Once the new Nvidia driver is installed (game ready or studio), do we need to change any setting in MSFS to switch over to DX12? or the game does it automatically?


Options—>General Options—>Graphics you will find the setting to select which version of DX11/12 you wish to use. You need to set it manually to DX12.

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Thanks a lot. will give it a try.
I have a RTX 3080 and a Ryzen 5 3600 - quite imbalanced. I was waiting for DX12 to check on improved performance for multithreads. will see.


I’d like to add that I have played with Ultra/High presets, combinations of settings and DLSS settings.

So far, I have found that going into the game settings menu and selecting “F12 Reset to Defaults” for both the Graphics tab and the Traffic tab under General Options and leaving them that way has yielded me the smoothest results.

This has not always been the case with MSFS, but so far I am getting the impression that on the current build, whatever the game recognizes as “default” for your hardware combo might actually be a great option.

Worth a shot. YMMV.

I’m also using the studio driver and experiencing very good performance in VR with SU10. As far as I can tell, the two Nvidia driver series (Studio vs Game Ready) drivers are, at their core, the exact same driver. It is just that there are two different target audiences (read: marketing fluff!). Studio drivers are better tested and less frequently released, thus providing better stability for that particular market. Game Ready drivers are a bit more cutting edge and have potential for instability, which may be more toleratable by the target audience (i.e. gamers). For my personal preference, I prefer the stability of the Studio Drivers.


Exactly! Its the same driver without the bloat. If you go into the settings on the studio driver and look at the programs tab, you’ll still see Microsoft Flight Simulator listed with all of the different settings for that program. ( note its called a program and not a game) :+1:

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Hi, anyone can check if the Studio driver still causes blurriness and ghosting effects in airplanes display numbers when they change (with DLSS on)? Thanks.

can you link us to Studio driver version that you speak of?