So I tried the Nvidia Studio Driver

I was just meaning in the driver its called a program. I wasn’t trying to debate about game vs simulator. The discussion was about the display driver and i was pointing out that the studio driver refers to MSFS as a program not a game (or simulator) :blush:


New Nvidia Studio Drivers (not Game-Ready) have dropped! 517.40 - Community Support / Hardware and Peripherals - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Don’t forget to restart the sim if you change dx11 to dx12 or Visa Versa :+1:It only works after a restart.


You are absolutely right. These drivers have cured the tiny stutters I used to have when panning around the cockpit and the whole experience is incredibly smooth now.

Interestingly my GPU memory usage rarely tops 10GB when I have a 24GB 3090 but I am glad I installed this driver even if it only for a few days as I’m sure I will switch when the Game Ready drivers are available.

edit - Actually I was wrong, my GPU usage just went up to 13.70 GB when flying through central London, which by the way was the smoothest it has ever been.

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Would I be better off downloading the studio driver before actually updating to SU10? I haven’t had a chance to be on the computer this week too busy working.

10700KF RTX 3080 32gb ram

Thanks for the info.

Where can you download the studio driver from?


Same here on a 3090, although it seems VRAM consumption on DX12 when using the new studio driver is slightly higher. There’s another thread about results of using the studio driver, and I posted two comparisons here:

Thank you very much

If you have Geforce Experience installed, you can also select between Game Ready and Studio driver and install through Geforce Experience.

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I guess this settles it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Perfect, thank you.

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Thanks @KStarfightrr I’ll give it a try after work!

Well now that Nvidia confirms it I’ll take the plunge and test the driver.


Yes, the glass cockpit digital text items are still blurry, a bit, even with the sharpness slider set to 200.

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Let us know how it goes!

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No guarentee I’ll get good results because I’m on an older 8gb rtx card but let’s see how it goes.

Update: No stuttering when panning like DX11 but significant fps loss due to running out of VRAM. That was tested with Fenix A320 departing payware DD KDCA.

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The studio driver is good with DX12 but still some stutters. Nothing like the first update of SU10 beta was.

I think it’s time for update at lest a 12GB RTX card to take benefit of DX12 enhancement in MSFS.
I’m still on a 8GB RTX 2060 super.

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