So, there's a helicopter on Xbox?

Asobo states there won’t be Helicopters in the current Beta Build.

But, there is one in the Marketplace. The KA10M from Touching Cloud.

Helicopter controls were spotted in the Beta Build, so I assume that’s what this is for? I am not in Beta FWIW.

I fooled around with it for a bit, and it’s safe to assume “this ain’t it”. Best I assumed it’s to test the flight model, or those controls, but again, Asobo claimed “no helicopters”, but this…thing, is atrocious.

EDIT: After spending some time with it, it’s actually not anywhere nearly as bad as I thought. It’s actually quite fun and dare I say, a challenge, to fly. Puts the Volocopter to shame.

My initial impressions stemmed from only being able to mess around with it for about 5 minutes. If they came off as harsh, I issue my sincerest apologies.

Great for sightseeing and makes the wait for helicopters even more grueling.

It’s a third party helicopter, so not really related to what’s coming with the full release of SU11 (knowing that market place releases need weeks to deploy the flight model is likely a workaround based on the normal airplane flight model).

You got that right. :laughing: My curiosity got the worst of me, now I want my $5 back.

Even if it took the flight model of the Volocopter, it wouldn’t even be half bad, but it feels like the dev threw in a GA flight model and then tried to build something on top of that.

And it literally has the sounds of a lawn mower.

Original model had a 50 hp piston engine. It has to sound like a toy… :laughing: It’s basically an ultralight that can hover.


Well, the model seems to visually resemble the original quite good - it’s small and has floats, too. For 5 bucks imho not that much to complain for now.

Also I’m pretty sure that the dev will update the flight model after full SU11 release as for now that wouldn’t be possible at all (the current release version still is SU10 which lacks all improvements).

Ofc it’s your own choise if you want a refund but for me it looks like a fun machine to do sightseeing, especially as there is not much stuff blocking the views from cockpit perspective :slight_smile:


On PC there’s quite a few choppers, one of which the H145, is very sophisticated and flies really well. With WASM coming to Xbox you may have access to it. Even before helicopters and gliders are officially supported in MSFS the models already available are great to fly.

Here’s the forum topic on this heli on the third party discussion section;

[RELEASED] Ka-10M “HAT” coaxial helicopter | TouchingCloud feat. Got Friends - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Dev’s pretty active in there.

I found it very encouraging reading the whole thread, but this post in particular caught my eye, because they’ve got an Xbox and downloaded it on Xbox to test it as soon as it went live on the Marketplace. I wish I saw that kind of commitment to the Xbox from other 3rd party developers.

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Sad to hear that.

But sounds like you have assitances turned on, check the tutorial in aircraft discussion topic or on the website.

WASM ain’t coming. It’s been pushed to out for the 3rd time to SU12. I’ve given up being excited about it.

I have a feeling they’ll just pull the plug at some point with how things are going.

I’ve waiting this long for helicopters, I can wait until November for the real thing.

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