So what's the Best VR headset to use in MFS so far?

Hey guys what’s the best VR Headset to use for this sim? I’m looking for the one with less issue to get started. I understand VR doesn’t work perfectly out of the box with MFS. I have a chance to purchase the HP Reverb G2 today.

Hi, and what are your impresions?
You can day that the quality of the glasses is as good as when you see in a 4k monitor?


I’m about to order one right now. Just 43 more minutes to go. Not expecting a perfect experience. But coming from Track IR i know i might be impressed as this will be my first VR experience.

I have the Rift S and also got a Reverb G2 a few days ago. I get better performance in the Rift, but the G2’s clarity makes it hard to go back.

The performance in either headset is borderline acceptable, but it’s still nearly impossible to go back to flying on the screen at all, even though my 2d screen setup is as good as I could ask for: 55" 4k in a sim-pit setup with headtracking.

Really, flying in VR is awesome overall, in any sim that supports it: DCS, WarThunder, FS2, XP11, P3D… it’s all hard to go back to 2d.

It’s just that the immersion is unbeatable. My favorite thing so far in FS2020 with VR is flying the savage cub into tight places like football fields or whatever. The in-the-seat feeling makes it so easy to gauge how much energy you have on decent, you can just hold it right above the stall and dump it all in the flare for a spot landing. I love it.


G2, no doubt.

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Thanks for all that info. I mostly fly VFR so i was told VR will be right for me. Is it true using VR makes your brain think you are actually flying? That is some of the reviews i’ve seen. I’ve never tried VR not even when i saw a gaming booth at the mall that allow folks to try the VR experience. Sometimes i think some folks exaggerated with the experience. But then a good friend of mines told me he got so disoriented that he mistakely knock down his monitor. Thats not playing MFS by the way.

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VR gives you a sense of being inside a cockpit and flying in the scenery. It provides a true 3D experience and with it the benefits this brings: a sense of scale, depth perception, movement all of which bring a whole new level of immersion a flat screen cannot replicate.


First question is where did you have a chance to purchase a G2? Ebay?

I have a Rift S and am hoping to get a G2 (not just for FS2020 but also for sim racing). Of course, any game that struggles to drive the Rift S resolution (like FS2020) is really going to struggle to drive the G2 resolution! When running at 100% scaling, allowing for the oversampling they do to correct for the lens, the Rift S is driving about 6M pixels. When running a G2 at 100%, again allowing for some oversampling to correct for the lens, you’re looking at about 18M pixels! That’s 2.5x 4K!

But, the pixel density of the G2 means you don’t need to drive it at 100% scaling to get clarity. The Rift S is “OK”, and I’m able to drive it at 150% now that I have an RTX 3090 GPU, but it can’t get clarity in the cockpit due to just not having enough resolution (at least for me). If/when I get a G2, I’m not going to be able to fully utilize it until (hopefully) Asobo gets things much better optimized, but the pixel density will give me a chance, at least, to get some clarity where I need it.

The G2 is not perfect, with a relatively small sweet spot (based on reports I’ve been told and on looking at youtube videos) and tracking issues, but I think it will be a great improvement for me in my sim racing and (eventually if not immediately) my sim flying.

My solution to getting usable FPS and smoothness in FS2020 in VR is to go back to the planes and places I like to fly anyway! I had been doing jet liners and busy airports as part of beta testing and had lost track of where I can just have FUN. Last night, I flew the C152 from one grass strip to another in Africa and it was wonderful. The VR was smooth and the experience was so refreshing. Yes, we should be able to fly all planes at all airports with a system like mine, but I’m OK for now just flying what I was flying in 2D anyway.

The only seriously bad issue I have in VR in FS2020, and it’s something that not all users have, is when I use SteamVR as the runtime for OpenXR instead of just using the Oculus driver. With Steam VR, I get a “fish eye” distortion when moving my head that makes me nauseous almost immediately – and I have a LOT of hours in VR. The G2 won’t have to deal with that issue, but be prepared that until they get the WMR and/or Steam WMR, and/or Open XR all figured out, there could be some rough patches.

One word of advice (as if you asked for it): DO NOT make your first VR experience be flying in FS2020. Even without any jitters or stutters, that is an intense intro to VR. With stutters and jitters, it will really test your stomach. I would say that you should just explore the “house” and maybe try to free activities in VR for a while. Keep your sessions short and stop as soon as you feel queasy. You’ll build up to being able to fly for a long time, but don’t rush. :slight_smile:

I fully agree, make your first experience a little trip on the balcony of HLA, then try avoiding head crabs. Once you reach Fred… have fun! :joy:

Yea saw some reviews of the clarity with the Rift. I order the G2 at for good price compare to other sites online

Ah, OK. b&h photo. But, it’s a backorder, right? I have an order in at B&H and it has been in since Dec. 13th. Still on backorder and I have a feeling it will be another month before it is in stock. But you said you had a time limit. How could you have a time limit to place a pre-order?

Mines said it will be ship within 3 business days

That is weird. I didn’t think the HP Reverb G2 was in stock anywhere. What price did you get? Can you post a direct link to the listing? Was the time limit you faced just to get it to ship?

As I said, this is weird. Really curious to try to understand this! :slight_smile:

It said available to purchase in 40 minutes . I purchase it and it said expected to be ship within 3 business days.

Also the price was 599.99 USD and shipping is 35 USD

Ok. Congratulations! I sure don’t understand. My order from Dec. 13th is still on backorder. I don’t understand how they got some in stock and didn’t fill backorders. Can’t quite figure out what’s going on. Maybe I’ve been wrong about them not being in stock, but my orders are still waiting so I assumed nobody was getting them.

Again, congratulations on getting one. I hope it works well for you. Be patient with getting good results in FS2020.

Try the Live Chat Monday and see what happen. Its not the first time ive seen crazy things like this happen. Specially when that console was release the PS5 .

Thanks by the way. Now that you mention that its been in backorder for some time. I might contact them on Monday to make sure it is actually shipping in 3 days.

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I am using a Vive pro and a Samsung Odyssey V2 and both work equally well so I have cancelled my G2. Pick up a second hand v2 Odyssey while all these people flock to the G2.

Is it true using VR makes your brain think you are actually flying

Imagine you sit in a plane cockpit wearing a diving mask instead of your glasses, so everything is a bit blurry. Thats what vr is like :smile: