So what's the Best VR headset to use in MFS so far?

Imagine you sit in a plane cockpit wearing a diving mask instead of your glasses, so everything is a bit blurry. Thats what vr is like :smile:

Lol that is about right.

My HMD is an HTC Vive, so a bit blurry and not as clear as the newer headsets, but the immersion is still the same. I’ve got a 3 monitor setup and TrackIR and unless I went down the route of a full instrument simpit, VR seemed the next logical step.

TrackIR is great but it is not natural and can be awkward looking up and down so I initially thought that is what the VR would address. Naively I never even considered that everything would be in 3D, so I was astounded when I first experienced this.

Everything is just there in front of you, you honestly believe that you can reach out and touch the yoke and cockpit panels. Looking over your shoulder and behind you is natural and great if you are dogfighting.

In the C152 you honestly feel as if you are squeezed up against the door on your left. I’ve experienced this in War Thunder in the Spitfire which is so narrow and in an F1 car in Assetto Corsa.

I’ve been looking to update my HMD so interested in the recommendations in this thread. I knew it needed replacing when playing IL-2 Flying Circus and could not work out which side the blobs were on until they attacked me :thinking:

Just need to reconnect my Jetseat now for the full experience.


I was flying few hours so far with my old HTC VIVE. Even its bad resolution, its a great expierence. Feels like you are in the cockpit. Difficult to fly in “2D” again.
All my landings are so smooth, no bouncing of the runway.
I hope there will be updates in the future to get more fps.
Also I need a new headset with high FOV and almost no screendoor effect.

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my landings are so smooth, no bouncing of the runway

Thats another advantage. The stereoscopic 3d helps to estimate distances.

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Just ordered the oculus quest 2. Can pickup tomorrow. Hope I don’t regret it.


I think you won’t. i play with the quest 2 and its amazing.


I think the Quest 2 is a good headset to get if you’ve never tried VR before, especially in the sim. There’s no point in buying an expensive headset like the G2 if you don’t end up liking VR much.

I’ve used VR before but I’ve ordered a Quest 2 for FS. I’ll use it until the G2 becomes a bit more readily available and upgrade at a later date.

Looking forward to trying this. The blurry part i hope it won’t represent much of an issue. But eventually, it will get fix over time

I was about to try the Quest 2 but with the cable and everything it almost added up to the same price as the G2.

You don’t have to get an expensive cable for the Quest 2. You can get a cable for about £20 here in the UK. The Oculus cable is expensive because its optical fibre and really flexible but it doesn’t matter if you’re using a cheaper less flexible cable because you’ll be sitting in one position for playing FS. In the UK the Quest 2 is about £250 cheaper than the G2. Quite a saving. You are paying all that extra for the increased sharpness of the G2 but as other reviewers have pointed out if you don’t have a really powerful PC you won’t get the most out of the G2 anyway.

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And what you can’t ignore, at least if you don’t use flight simulations only, is the stand alone ability of the quest. There is nothing better than a nice beatsaber workout without any cables and without any pc.I went from the rift cv1 to the quest 1 to the quest 2. When I first tested the quest via link, I was surprised at how well it worked. There was virtually no difference from the cv1 except the crispier sharpness of the quest. So I sold the cv1 directly.


Yes that’s all so was an option for me. Since I’m going to do some traveling in the next 2 months. It would be pretty nice to take the quest 2 with me and have some folks who never use VR try it out. And see if I get them to react like what I’ve seen when playing that rollercoaster game.

Hey, guys, I’m looking at the Quest 2 for VR to carry with me on vacation. But i’m seeing different storage version one for 64gb and another i think 256gb. Does it really matter for flight sim?I have the spear cash to own two VR headset. One for outdoors like the quest 2 and the G2 mainly for flightsim. Also will try both G2 and Quest 2 when i’m back from my trip. The extra GB won’t matter for flight sim ?

The storage doesn’t matter for flight simulator, no. Also there are no non-PC VR flightsims so :man_shrugging:

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Well, you always have ultrawings. LOL. Sure, it’s not anywhere near any of PC’s offerings, but it ain’t too bad when you have the itch to fly.

As an instrument rated private pilot (who is sadly medically retired, or hopefully just semi-retired for now), I’d say yes. And not just that, when I’ve gotten pushbacks, I can actually FEEL the aircraft being moved. When I stick my head outside of the window (which is certainly something you can’t do IRL), I swear I’ve felt the wind (though not as strong as it would be IRL, if you could stick your head outside the window), climbs, descents, it’s crazy how much this tech puts you THERE, and not just visually. It’s blown me away, frankly.

As to the original question, I have the G2s, but no experience in VR prior to 12/22/20, but my vote is that they probably are the best currently available. I can’t wait to see what we might have a few years from now. My only problem is that the view in the distance is just a tick blurry for me, but that may be FS itself, or my setup that’s causing it. Who knows…

Good luck, the skies are calling…


The blurry display is what got me to purchase the G2. As i saw many reviews stating that is not that bad with the G2. Then i’ve also seen great things very similar comparison with the Quest 2. I’ve bought the G2 in hopes that through time i think it will be improve for this platform. Since VR was made to be tested first with the G2 for this platform so I’ve herd. I have my eye on the quest 2 for outdoor purposes but will also give it a try for MFS.

Well, I’m a total noob when it comes to VR, so I have no idea what realistic expectations even are. I also can’t say with any degree of accuracy what’s causing the blurriness I see. It could be the G2 itself, it could be MSFS, it could be settings, optimizations, and I can’t rule out that it could even be my eyes!

It’s a bit hard to know if you’re getting good (or great) visuals if you don’t know what good (or great) visuals even look like.

You won’t, I have it and, for the price, it looks great. It is more blurry thank the G2 but it makes up for it thanks to better performance and wireless experience if you use virtual desktop.

If you have the money go for the G2, I have the Quest 2 and things get blurry in the distance and the clarity of the airliners cockpits could be better.
The quest 2 is a better option though if you want to use it wirelessly.

I’ve seen others say if you increase your resolution the blurry display is barely noticeable.